Kakyuusei 2

By bluemist on July 7th, 2005

Kakyuusei 2

No pics. It doesn’t deserve pics.

I don’t know what to think of this. Maybe someone hasn’t learned their lessons from ONE, that 4-episode OVA that inserted a clueless mystery story into a bishoujo game to anime conversion. Kakyuusei 2 is somewhat like ONE. It has so many mysteries that non-gamers wouldn’t understand. But unlike ONE, whose game would try to explain the events in the anime, Kakyuusei 2 is reportedly an entire original scenario that is different from the game! First off, this is not a sequel to, say, Kakyuusei 1. You don’t need to play the Kakyuusei 1 game, nor watch the Kakyuusei 1 animes (some are H). Furthermore, it doesn’t even follow the original game storyline. It just has the same characters, then adding new ones.

So, what makes this anime so controversial? As I said, this anime is confusing. One of the characters seems to be some sort of ‘mystery man’. He overlooks almost anything that happens with the girls. What’s weirder is that he can travel through time! And he has this glittering eye, that attracts ALL the girl characters in Kakyuusei 2! Who the heck is he? He’s not even the main male character, but he seems to be. The actual main character is a typical boring male lead in bishoujo animes. But enough about him. The mystery man drives all my confusion in the entire series. I’ve looked through anime forums and I see many people are confused as well. They try to deduce and make sense of everything but to no avail, they have already moved on to other anime.

I watched episode 1-4… and then stopped watching. That’s how bad it is, considering I rarely drop anime series. Even without the mystery, the bishoujo anime stuff isn’t even interesting. While the girls are cute, there’s too many of them (11) to make me even care about one. It doesn’t entertain, it isn’t interesting, and it’s very confusing. What a shame, really. I bet there were a LOT of Kakyuusei fans all over the world, this being part of the most important games of the bishoujo industry. Elf, before making the hugely popular Kakyuusei game series, did Dokyusei. It was not only huge, Dokyusei was the pioneer of the ren’ai game genre. That’s how big it is (positively)… as big (negatively) as my disappointment over Kakyuusei 2.

This is history in the making. Possibly the worst bishoujo game to anime conversion I have ever seen. Sorry to say.

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Posted By: Albert On: July 08, 2005 At: 2:12 am

The best part about this show was Takeyasu Kurashima’s character designs, sadly wasted here. I also liked the martial artist guy, he actually had a personality unlike the rest of the cast.

Posted By: rixot On: July 08, 2005 At: 10:36 pm

And I had just successfully repressed those horrible memories!

Posted By: bluemist On: July 08, 2005 At: 10:52 pm

LOL! Sorry I had to haunt you back into it!

Posted By: banzemanga On: July 14, 2006 At: 10:52 am

lol. Can’t believe it. I guess i’ll rate this anime the worst ever! I never felt so runned out of patience watching anime. It just kept showing the enviroment all the times and it takes like an hour to say just a word. My god! The voice actors really didn’t have to do anything at all. And the animation is just worse than the origninal work. Even the intro and the ending of the anime was just a copy of the two intros in the game! WAAAAAH! So fustrating!

Posted By: brax On: June 16, 2007 At: 10:47 pm

thank god i didnt watch this anime… i almost forget about how horrible the endings of da capo and shuffle… why do they make this things…

Posted By: heldin alias Lightning of FF XIII On: October 28, 2007 At: 5:13 am

konnici wa….

Posted By: Wavehawk On: May 06, 2009 At: 11:31 pm

Well, I bought Kakyuusei 2 for AU$5 at a bargain bin (Approximately PhP145 give or take) a year back, and all I can say is: It ain’t worth the disc it’s printed on.

In fact, I cut up the discs to use as stands for my Gundam models.

And Brax–I ~really~ liked Da Capo and Shuffle, so that should tell you just how bad the Kak2 Anime is.

I mean, I could see that the director wanted to make it into something other than a stereotypical Harem anime, but the way they went about it…The “Mystery Man” character and the way the story went actually reminds me of bad Mary Sue Fanfiction. Hell, I might even go to say that this isn’t Kakyuusei 2, it’s a bad, BAD animated version of a Kakyuusei 2 Fanfiction.