Kanon Prelude

By bluemist on April 27th, 2006

How does Kyoto Animation make what can possibly be the greatest bishoujo game based anime series of all time?

Find out.



Kidding aside, I think the new Kanon anime is gonna be awesome.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo 2 feature


Posted By: Stripey On: April 27, 2006 At: 9:03 pm

woah! lovely comparisons. This possibly shows KyoAni’s level of commitment in being faithful to the superb game source. I’m so looking forward to Fall. 🙂

Posted By: Skane On: April 27, 2006 At: 9:19 pm

If there is one thing I love about KyoAni’s take on Key’s games, it is that the backgrounds are to die for. Not just for Key’s games in fact, but for their other series as well, but Air and the Kanon trailer really take the cake.

Posted By: meowmints On: April 27, 2006 At: 10:18 pm

I think I am one of three people on this planet that finds Kanon’s art terrible and unbearable. I wish Kyoto would have changed it.

Posted By: otter On: April 28, 2006 At: 12:20 am

can i also add that the guy actually looks like a guy now? 😀

Posted By: grooven On: April 29, 2006 At: 2:25 pm

meowmints: I’m not the only one that says you should shut-up and shove it XD The art looks awesome in the anime. Go bug Itaru about her art or shut your mouth.

Posted By: lyran On: May 02, 2006 At: 10:56 am

Ho*y S**t Yuuichi become hiroyuki from ToHeart!

Posted By: lordcloudx On: May 04, 2006 At: 3:17 am

Ayu’s expression looks cuter on that screenshot.

Posted By: Cla On: May 17, 2006 At: 12:40 am

*çççç* i’m very happy of this new series of kanon, the old series was beautiful, but this there will be a wonderful serie**the design is very very more beauty than the old kanon** i’m very impatient **

Posted By: lordcloudx On: April 03, 2007 At: 7:24 pm

and now that it’s over… this did not beat AIR in my opinion. There were too many slow eps in the beginning where the moe factor was the only thing that would have kept the audience watching.