Last Impressions

By bluemist on July 14th, 2005

I’m in a pinch like never before.

After the previous season ended, 4 of the animes I was watching were finished. I was thinking along the lines of picking up 4 new ones to watch for this season. But seeing that the number of interesting animes exceeds that number, I guess I’m gonna put some of the titles in the backburner again (meaning “maybe” watch when I’m not busy later on). Hence, my last impressions.

This is a post about the animes where I watched the first episode, and decided not to continue with it for now (or for ever).

Oof, I accidentally deleted the raw episode. This screencap came from a preview vid which I still had. Since I won’t want to download this abomination once again, it’s bye bye for this anime. I simply didn’t like it.

Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken
There is nothing wrong with this series. It’s just that I’m really trying to free up myself in getting too many anime and having brain damage later on. This having Rumiko Takahashi character designs would be a treat for those fans who miss Inuyasha. I think the story would be quite good too.

Okusama wa Joushikousei
Okay, wife #1 is a high school student. Is it even legal? In any case, if someone else would know that this girl is married with her own teacher at school, they’ll be in big trouble. This girl wants “more” than the no-xxx relationship that her husband is treating her currently. This girl is hawt for some action. Unfortunately, this goes into the backburner simply because I’ve had enough of fanservice, and students hitting on teachers. Nothing new here.

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
Wife #2 is a magical girl who loves her town. Her husband is nowhere in sight though. She does silly things like talking to a vacuum cleaner. Then that guy with glasses (not her husband) came to live with them. So I guess we will see him every episode tripping and stumbling over the magical girl. Sorry, she’s taken, and moreover, no kiss allowed. While the music reminded me a bit of that old TV show Bewitched at first, their “wild” magical transformation sequence instantly turned me off, and the fanservice seems oh too pointless. Ok fine the wife is hot, and the other magical girl is loli, I get the point. Sorry, this is a backburner.