loli crystal display

By bluemist on August 26th, 2007

I just got myself a LCD monitor, and it’s sooooooo sweet.

Granted this is just a 19-incher 1440×900 and not as l33t as Full HD 24-30 inch babies, at least it does 720p like I want it to. It’s widescreen too, for obvious anime enjoyment whenever it is a widescreener. And larger screen means bigger bishoujos to see. But actually, I’m not watching many anime lately, instead enjoying harvesting or saving little sisters. I wish they could scream “onii-chan” too, but on second thought… I still like 2D imoutos better.

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Posted By: arcanes On: August 27, 2007 At: 12:37 am

Nice man. Bioshock FTW! and I’m getting myself a 22 inch 1680×1050 monitor this week. Enjoy widescreen Lolis 🙂

Posted By: aqrn785 On: August 27, 2007 At: 9:11 am

gratz on getting teh lcd! ^__^

Posted By: Zeroblade On: August 28, 2007 At: 2:09 am

Indeed, big monitors are awesome. Unfortunately, if you need to use a 15″ one temporarily, you will find yourself thinking about how small the desktop space is.

Posted By: 0rion On: August 28, 2007 At: 10:46 am

LOL, good stuff. Bioshock’s been pretty fun.

So do you harvest the little little sisters or save them? And would that change if they did scream “Onii-chan”? 😛