Merry Christmas!

By bluemist on December 25th, 2007

This pic was actually taken in Japan during my Christmas there last year. Kinda somber and dark eh? Well there are more shiny places, although this is already a Christmas attraction. The location is called Yebisu Garden Place. Those lights on the trees change color, so you might as well enjoy the atmosphere. Actually there’s a nice Christmas Tree:

… so it’s not all that bad.

Random stuff I know, but really I just dropped by to greet you Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!

Here the celebration is more subdued so there are no animu pics… but here’s some cake:

My best wishes to you, your family, your relatives, your friends and loved ones. Your bishoujos and lolis too, I guess…


Posted By: Ryan A On: December 25, 2007 At: 6:31 am

Merry Christmas to You! 🙂 Pretty pics.

Posted By: Martin On: December 25, 2007 At: 9:25 am

Merry Christmas to you too! For a country that doesn’t have a large Christian following, the Japanese sure know how to do pretty decorations…great pics there.

Posted By: piyo On: December 25, 2007 At: 10:15 pm


Did you eat chicken for xmas?

How come you don’t have a picture of your monitor displaying your favorite stuffs… 🙂

Posted By: usagijen On: December 26, 2007 At: 1:53 pm

[Belated] Merry Christmas! What better way to spend Christmas than in Japan! 😀 I’d love to experience a White Christmas… even once :3

Posted By: M12 On: January 22, 2008 At: 8:36 pm

Wow, those are some awesome photos!