By bluemist on June 30th, 2008

Do you want to hear less from me, or do you want to hear more from me?

I recently opened a Twitter account, but I’m not sure yet if I would push through with this. On one hand, this is a good way to post quick-snippets. If you have been following my blog, my articles tend to be long because I lead up my insights into some sort of conclusion at the end. Problem is, because I want feature-complete articles, I tend to blog less. I do realize that by blogging less I have fewer visitors. I don’t know if I want to break my own tradition by doing shorter but more frequent posts just for the sake of attracting more readers coming from anime aggregator sites.

So in comes this microblogging/miniblogging/metablogging/whatever I may call it into my consciousness. Other anibloggers have tapped into this issue before, arguing some positives and negatives of this recent blogging phenomenon. This raised my own question of how I view blogging as having a tradition, or a “convention”. Am I trying to create a unique entity out of myself by staying the course of my own past work? Is there any immediate need to change such conventions to match current or personal trends? Is this saying that I’d like to be free from my own conventions, which essentially means I am ‘trapped’ by my own works? That I now demand more from myself now because I have been a bit successful in my usual routine?

So is this reality being no match for the legend then? As if there is a certain ‘bluemist’ who was this world-renowned anime blogger, and I suddenly had to succeed him. I’m not sure. As it is, I still have the same “golden rules” that I rely on. The reasons why I blog. I enjoy anime, I enjoy blogging it, and I try my best to make people enjoy what I enjoy. But I have to adjust to the realities of my life. I am way busier now with my work, and as a result, fewer anime and related stuff to consume. Burnout? Maybe, but I’m still pretty excited to watch a new season of Hidamari Sketch this summer. More lolimashimaro anime is good too. I’ve been idling around Niconico and YouTube too much lately, and I’m firing up my PC game machine engine a lot. These hobbies are still my hobbies, and it still keeps me entertained.

But blogging is not a hobby to me. Like a simple comment in a blog, or a reply in a forum topic, it is more of an “application” of my hobby. And as it is currently, my blog is not applying it the way I want. I only have the capacity to write a few meaningful articles due to time/life constraints, but I believe that I can provide more insight if I don’t have the standards and conventions I (willingly or unwillingly) created in this blog. I believe that I can adhere to my golden rules better if I am a bit more free.

BUT, this may also mean that I admit to be struggling now. The fact that I decided to open a microblog may mean that my traditional blogging has just become a chore. Is this true? Maybe, if I fully stray away from my usual blogging. But maybe not, because these little “bloggies” may pave the way for better articles, like a draft of a thesis. To answer the question though, I have to test the waters, so I’m calling this microblogging of mine a BETA. Haha, a BETA for an anime blog? What the heck is that?

In any case, the “BETA” of bluemist anime microblog is located at:


If you have a Twitter of your own, please add me to your follow list. I have my own aggregator handy so I can monitor this as well as the regular anime blogs. Right now it has not been set up to be part of this anime blog, be it on the bottom side bar or whatnot.

Also, I hope you guys and gals could provide me insight. Do you want to hear less from me, or do you want to hear more from me? What is a good balance to make things better?


Posted By: omo On: June 30, 2008 At: 10:44 pm

I don’t know; when you have to ask US that you might want to ask yourself why you even want to talk to us? Don’t push yourself on our account bro.

I never really get how twitter is suppose to work; I guess to me the website is Yet Another Social Networking Platform that lacks user intuitiveness and embedded tools to monitor various feeds across topics. Handy for live blogging at cons but that’s it…

Posted By: TP On: June 30, 2008 At: 11:37 pm

I don’t really understand this Twitter phenomenon. Although the service has been credited to saving a journalism student in Egypt, there is nothing interesting about blogging about your regular life. You have to consider privacy concerns, what to blog about, and its (Twitter’s) relevance in your anime ramblings.

Maybe the good use of this, is when you have a convention, and you want to really “blog live” about things that are happening.

Posted By: jpmeyer On: July 01, 2008 At: 12:51 am

Other than reporting news, I never really understood figured out what use there is for twitter other than blatant narcissism (12:13 going to get lunch 12:15 walked into subway 12:17 looks like they are all out of italian bread 12:18 might be on line for a while 12:20 time to take a bite…). The character limit makes it impossible to actually express anything in depth.

Posted By: bluemist On: July 01, 2008 At: 9:26 am

@omo: I just want opinions, it’s not like you suddenly become the decider of my fate. In the end I myself should pick the way most effective for me in order to write more, er, effectively.

I guess Twitter is essentially a 140-character-limited version of Anime Nano. One good feature may be the post via SMS function, but we can do that too in regular blogs given a little effort in setup. Liveblogging can still be done in a regular blog using that.

And hell I find it worse than blogs, because yea the generic “12:13 and so I’m doing X stuff” posts are prevalent more than ever using Twitter. Surely I may be doing that as well, and ask myself why during the process. Let’s see how it goes. Rather, I’ll see how I go.

Posted By: johnphil On: July 03, 2008 At: 1:38 am

I prefer to read long and insightful reviews and recaps on my hobbies. Reading from short blog posts limits chances of drawing my own conclusions. It all comes down to a blog expressing the owner’s constructive criticisms and honest opinion on specific genres. Myself, I take immediate leave from sites that fails to deliver such contents.

May I bless your endeavours….