Negima sakuga tracker: Asuna version

By bluemist on May 7th, 2005

As some of you know, Mahou Sensei Negima is quite notorious for animation quality that is like a stock market. Sometimes the episode is beautiful, sometimes extremely horrible. This post is a project of mine, to somehow track whether the animators have drawn a particular character fairly, beautifully, or horribly per episode.

Take note that this is only one shot of a character per episode, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the overall quality of the episode itself. It isn’t even reflective of the overall animation of the character itself, because I tried to capture their best and cutest shots, and not the bad ones (who needs those anyway?). But in the shots you’ll still see the radical difference of Negima animation between the different episodes.

This is the Asuna version, since she’s the main prominent girl in this series. I’ll do other prominent characters… someday.

Update: TV version complete. Up to DVD 4 covered.

Introductory Film

Episode 1 (DVD and TV)

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26


Posted By: Hayate On: October 23, 2005 At: 9:22 am

Hey I noticed that too. Very odd and it made Akamatsu-sensei very angry about how the colors of the hair and characters design was for the anime version…it is believed he chose a different team of animators to do the episodes after a certain ep…just not sure which one.

Posted By: VaporKitty On: January 17, 2006 At: 12:34 am

Did anyone notice that half the pictures have two blue eyes and the other half one is green and the other is blue. She she meant to have two-toned eyes?

Posted By: Nigrantis On: November 18, 2006 At: 8:41 am

Yes, according to the manga’s coloured art pictures, asuna has a green and a blue eye, chisame’s hair is brown though not green (has it is in the anime.)

Luv. Negima

Posted By: asuna411 On: December 14, 2006 At: 10:26 pm

does anyone have the episodes 23-26? I want to watch them…

Posted By: farinha de trigo On: July 21, 2007 At: 3:53 am

adorei o site q pena q naum tem video!!! se naum iria ser perfeito. =]

bjs e kises para todo mundo

ass:farinha de trigo so para vcs

Posted By: camila On: September 07, 2007 At: 10:05 pm


Posted By: kat On: November 24, 2007 At: 7:57 am

I love the color of the hair the first anime season has
anyways sad the 1st season ended so quickly
and I can’t seem to enjoy the second with so many of the characters changed

hope they make a third season from episode 22 of the 1st and make a better ending!! (or at least longer

Posted By: froilan On: June 01, 2009 At: 5:45 pm

why does she has blue and green eyes? pls answer… its troubling me…

Posted By: lol im cool! On: August 02, 2009 At: 9:50 am

I guess it’s cuz the sunlight that’s making her eyes blue and green. Well, anime and mangas are different than the human world. :0
lol. 🙂

But Asuna is my favorite character. 🙂

Posted By: koko-chan On: October 11, 2011 At: 2:24 pm

No, her eyes are different colored on purpose. She has something that I THINK is called heterochromia. It’s actually a thing >.> You know, in the real world O.o It’s rare, but not some fake thing. >.>