Negima sakuga tracker: DVD comparison

By bluemist on June 23rd, 2005

I found comparisons of the original broadcast Negima episodes with the supposedly remastered DVD version.

It is said that the animation company has re-edited some entire episodes of the TV series in the transition to DVD, because as we all know, Negima’s animation quality is like a stock market. Featured here are some links that show side-by-side screencaps of the first few episodes.

Seeing these comparisons, I could say that they have really changed a LOT of scenes, and this is entirely great news for me! The girls look a lot more beautiful in these DVD episodes as compared to the original broadcast versions.

I actually watched the DVD versions of episodes 1 through 4, and I can say that not only the girls look better, but the colors (especially their hair colors) are much richer now. Fans will like this, although I wouldn’t know if people would rewatch the series just because of this.

The Asuna and Yue sakuga trackers are updated with some DVD versions, so check them out.

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