Ns’ Aoi

By bluemist on January 11th, 2006

Ns’ Aoi

Usually I follow only the highest-rating jdorama, but since this season’s #1 jdorama doesn’t seem too interesting to me (it’s the overworked story of Saiyuuki), I’m gonna pick some less popular series that may have potential. Pretty girls are a plus.

How about a pretty nurse?

Ns’ Aoi seems to be based on a manga, which I don’t think has been licensed nor translated. If anything, I can say that this is an equivalent of your usual “great teachers” (GTO’s Onizuka and Gokusen’s Yankumi), except that she’s a nurse in a hospital. Misora Aoi is a newbie nurse at this hospital. All seems fine, until she realizes she has some problems with many of the staff there. As an institution, this hospital has some interestingly weird “politics” going on. And that sometimes saving lives doesn’t seem top priority. As our idealistic main character, Aoi-chan goes to great heights and performs duties beyond what a nurse is set out to do, all for her patients.

Nurse me too! Ehem… err…

Ishihara Satomi topbills this drama, and is one hawt girl indeed. Nothing else seems to be special, so I’m not expecting big things.

Ep 1:

Ep 2:

Ep 3:

Ep 4:

Ep 5:

Ns’ Aoi Bishoujo Tracker?
Hmm… never thought I could see some remnants of Densha Otoko in this series… remember this guy?

Nurse and other figurines… an otaku in a hospital

Is that a magazine front page of the horrifying Amenaideyo anime?

Showing off his kawaii Nurse-chan again


Posted By: Os On: January 12, 2006 At: 7:23 am

Its great to see other bloggers enjoy doramas -even though its only the highest ranking ones-. As for Nurse Aoi, you are correct in saying that it hasn’t been subbed yet. I was curious about this series, so I’ll continue waiting for it…

If this dorama doesn’t work out for you, I highly suggest watching Nobuta Wo Produce (I wrote about it on our blog, if you want to see what its about). Its one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Posted By: pokute On: February 09, 2006 At: 1:25 am

This show IS being subbed. I am the editor for Nanako Fansubs and we are distributing softsubs on D-Addicts.


Posted By: marikit On: March 07, 2006 At: 4:54 am

Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! I shall download it looks awesome. And Props to D-addicts for subbing it!