October Anime Season (Fall 2005)

By bluemist on September 5th, 2005

Okay, I promised myself that I will have a minimum of anime come October, because my board exams are coming up. But resistance is futile, and so yet another huge number of anime series interest me this fall. But then again, I will keep my watching to an absolute minimum. I’ll just download… and watch later when I’m free. Call this my ‘eventual anime backlog’.

This site lists all the anime that will premiere this season, and the possible fansubbers or licensors.

I seem to have a perfect theme for the anime I’ll watch this season… it’s my bishoujo sequel season.

Bishoujo Sequel Season
Canvas 2 – The first one was a semi-H OAV. I don’t watch H so I didn’t watch it. This is based on a game from F&C, which also made the Pia Carrot multitude of games.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’sNanoha is a character from a Triangle Heart game. She had her own spinoff anime series last year. This seems like a direct sequel. Considering that the first was quite enjoyable, I’ll definitely catch this one.

Mai Otome – Mai-HiME was one of my favorites from last year. This time it’s an alternative world with new characters and some rehashes. If the first was “bishoujo gakuen action romance”, I think this one is “henshin bishoujo otome action”… whoa, magical girls? Looks like another hit.

To Heart 2 – It has never been more obvious. This will be my anime of the season, and considering all the effort I put into playing the game, I will blog this one episode-by-episode! Yes, something rare from me for a change. Watch out for that.

So that’s it. No more deliberations this time, because I won’t care about all the other animes until my exams end come halfway through November. I’m sure that fellow bloggers will pick up the other good stuff. So have a nice watch, and continue to enjoy anime.