But you don’t understand them at all project: bluemist chart liner

By bluemist on June 22nd, 2005

bluemist’s “But you don’t understand them at all” Project: bluemist chart liner

Status: On Hold

Here I go again, with a new blogging project after the successful To Heart 2 project.

This time, it will be an anime music ratings chart!

What are you trying to do here?
I’m going to list down the top anime songs that currently ring in my mind (and my music player). It doesn’t necessarily need to be the latest anime music (I pick up classics from time to time), and doesn’t necessarily need to be a favorite of mine (I may torture bad songs from time to time). I’m gonna put some descriptions about the song, and my witty reactions about it and stuff. However, I will NOT tell where to get the songs (well if you wandered into the anime world you probably have enough know-how to find them anyway).

Why would you do this?
I guess I needed a venue to shout out on how good or bad a song is, and this may serve its purpose pretty well.

How about jpop and stuff?
Generally, this will apply to only anime and related music, but it wouldn’t hurt to include some right? Unfortunately, I don’t seem to dig them lately, for various reasons:
– Many of them sound alike anyway. Face it, a Nami Tamaki song just sounds like any other Nami Tamaki song, talk about variety.
– The jpop industry seems stagnant nowadays. Proof is that even Negima music singles shoot straight up the charts everytime.

Well this is still in the planning stages so I don’t know of an approach yet. Stay tuned for updates, I guess.

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Posted By: Alessandro On: June 23, 2005 At: 4:42 am

Congratulations for your very interesting Project.

I read it all!!!!

Ciao From Italy