Project Japan 3: More Aggressive

By bluemist on August 1st, 2013

Since this is more or less confirmed already, might as well say it.

I’m going to Japan. Once again.

It will only be over a week, I’m just going back there as a tourist. But yet again, this is important, I’m treating it as some sort of a major event. Call it soul searching, but I decided to take a break from work for a while by going on this trip. Also, because of my health issues, I’m packing light and my plans are not that hectic. It’s been quite a while since the last time I went back to Japan, and so I wonder if I’ll gain anything, or learn anything, from this possibly rare opportunity. It could be nothing more than a vacation trip. Or it could be a pivotal moment of my life.

Unlike two years ago where I went there with friends, I am alone this time. Yes, alone and motenai. So I have free reign on where to go and what to do. It’s nice, but of course it’ll be quite lonely at times. One would want to share the happiness with someone else. Well I’ll be visiting some friends and acquaintances too so I shouldn’t be too down on myself. As a quiet person, I’m so blessed to have so many good people around me. I try my best to be “just there” even if the events won’t be so memorable.

As I said, I will have a very leisurely schedule this time. I have essentially few places in my itinerary. One of the big plans I have would be travelling far away from the usual Tokyo treks and enjoy some scenery in some remote prefecture. Some people had said to me that I’m just wasting my time and money if I don’t jam-pack my schedule with stuff, but I feel this is enough. My theme this time is surprise and discovery. For all the noise and the hustle-bustle of modern life, I think it is nice to take it slow. Time can wait, and money can be earned again.

Hmm, so much for being more aggressive. That’s the quiet side of me talking, so let my subculture self take over and say: WHO CARES ABOUT MELANCHOLY AND SLOW STUFF… I’M GOING BACK TO JAPAN YEAAAAAAAAA~!! I should be there during the week of Comic Market. While some Twitter people convinced me not to go if I have “no plan”, I guess I’ll be at the sidelines merely window shopping and maybe buying the scraps when it comes back to Akihabara a few days later. These days my fandom is mostly slanted on Vocaloid, and so I have yet more albums to buy. In terms of tech, I’m basically set for now and have no particular gadgets to burn my wallet on… unless the new Nexus 7 arrives there.

So there. One bag is packed, and another is empty to take in the goods. This is me, signing off for now, and hoping to have another good trip in my life. Japan, welcome me back.