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By bluemist on May 8th, 2006

Ahh, Promotional Videos. Love it, hate it.

This post will be a sort-of review center for PV. Whether it be some purely obscure anime PV that won’t even get MTV Japan airplay, or maybe some cool mainstream jpop song, I’ll try to watch it and make some comments. Of course, you won’t enjoy my blabber if you haven’t seen the PV yourself, so I’ll conveniently link a video source.

I’ve been thinking about this kind of feature for a while actually, but back then it wasn’t a good idea, seeing that not all people will be able to watch the video themselves. All hail YouTube and all the other video streaming sites, now it’s possible!

This post will continually be updated whenever I feel like watching a PV or two, so please do check up on it. You can talk about your nice PV recommendations too!

LEGEND: (of course, this is personal opinion)
Mainstream – Songs you probably will see at the music charts.
Semi-Mainstream – Songs that are not so popular.
Semi-Obscure – Songs that are quite unpopular.
Obscure – Songs that may not ever be popular.

Great – Awesome!
Good – Quite nice.
Average – Worth watching only once.
Horrible – Worth the watch!! (are you serious?)


Title: Himitsu Dolls
Artist: Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu
Anime: Strawberry Panic
Links: VideoSingle
Category: Obscure
Song Ranking: Average
Video Ranking: Average
This comes almost borderline-horrible in the video ranking, if it were not for the seemingly ok cinematography and gothic costumes. Nope, it’s not about the yuri-kisu. Frankly, the dark, creepy video can’t fit with an upbeat song with extremely tingly voices. No really, do otakus even love these abominations? Ai and Mai are good seiyuu, but poorly-executed videos like this make them look bad. And I wonder why anime singles can’t go mainstream.

Titles: Nagai Aida, Best Friend, Mirai E, Mou Sukoshi
Artist: Kiroro
Links: VideosWebsite
Category: Mainstream
Song Ranking: Great
Video Ranking: Average
Kiroro is hands down my favorite Japanese sentimental musical duo. They make very easy-listening songs that warm the heart. While their music videos are quite typical, the songs make them feel like timeless classics. The singer has this uniquely soothing voice, and the pianist knows how to play simple but effective tunes. If you have even just passive interest for Japanese “slice of life” songs, please have an ear for their music. Must not be missed.

Title: Glamorous Sky
Artist: Mika Nakashima
Movie: Nana
Links: VideoSingle
Category: Mainstream
Song Ranking: Great
Video Ranking: Good
This is NOT the usual Nakashima Mika. I recall her singing power ballad tracks, and so despite the strong rock tune of Glamorous Sky, Mika can still fit in somehow. Great song with an ok video. This PV is merely composed of the Black Stones performance scene from the movie. Plus there’s a lot of Miyazaki Aoi shots here, which is quite funny, because everyone in the audience was rocking the house and jumping around enjoying, while Aoi… “stands still”. Worst audience ever.

Title: Endless Story
Artist: Yuna Ito
Movie: Nana
Links: VideoSingle
Category: Mainstream
Song Ranking: Great
Video Ranking: Good
This is one of the biggest sentimental hits of 2005. Endless Story is actually a Japanese rendition of a Dawn Ann Thomas original, If I’m Not in Love with You. If I can say anything, the simplicity of the video works a lot. The PV is merely scenes from the movie (Yuna stars as Reira of Trapnest), plus some blue-screen scene of Yuna emo-ing in the sky. But it’s good enough to be as emotional as it gets. Nice PV.

Title: Sweet Soul Revue
Artist: Pizzicato Five
Links: VideoAlbum
Category: Mainstream
Song Ranking: Great
Video Ranking: Average
Awesomeness. This incredibly catchy song is probably the first jpop song that ever hit our airwaves (and it’s extremely rare to hear jpop on radio here). Granted the PV isn’t that great per-se, and Miss Maki Nomiya seems too OA (overacting), but I guess I should let that slide for a video this old. She has some wild makeup too, but seeing that this song was used as advertising for some Kanebo Cosmetic line, I think that was the trend back then.

Title: Sentimental Generation
Artist: Ami Tokito
Anime: School Rumble Second Semester
Links: VideoSingle
Category: Semi-Obscure
Song Ranking: Good
Video Ranking: Average
Quite a pointless PV. So this girl has some strong guy beat wimpy classmates up, then girl gets melon-pan… er… Yakisoba bread then uses it as a singing mic. Literally meant… School Rumble! Quite energetic, but the pointlessness did it in. On the other hand, if the girl was Hocchan… Maybe Ami is better not meganekko-nized. The Matrix scenes were funny though.


Posted By: piyo On: May 09, 2006 At: 11:36 pm

Saturation? Heh. Why not just quit trying to write the anime ep summaries and write about “fringe” stuff like this or your gaming To Heart 2, etc? This is an excellent post, keep it up and spreading your ego.

By far my favorite PV, I mean song is “Innocent Starter” by Nana Mizuki. Actually I just tune out the video because there’s no point and listen to the song.


And about that Ami Tokito: her flair is her meganekko-ness! Drop the glasses, and she’s just become another Tsunku product. She has a gravure DVD out if you’re interested in seeing more meganekko.

Posted By: Os On: May 10, 2006 At: 4:09 am

oooh, its updated. I wanted to say something for the “Sentimental Generation” one, but it would’ve only been a one liner referring to bread. Anywho, the Mika Nakashima one. I like how Hyde from L’arc sings, so I was just naturally liking Glamorous Sky. So I went to look for her other stuff, they were good not great. That’s when I learned she DID work with Hyde on Glamorous Sky and it all made sense. Good idea, though. I was thinking of making an Asian Kung-fu Generation thing, but I never put the idea to the paper.

Posted By: bluemist On: May 10, 2006 At: 4:19 pm

I’ll still do summaries whenever I feel it’s needed, especially when promoting some very obscure anime that only I may blog… erm… like Doremi. But thanks for sticking around here.

Posted By: Jonathan Kone On: April 13, 2010 At: 1:55 am

I just found this site a while ago when a buddy of mine suggested it to me. I’ve been a regular reader ever since.