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By bluemist on May 9th, 2005

To show an example of how amazingly… slow… Tsubasa… Chronicle… is… I have compiled some of the longest, most drawn out scenes in the anime so far. I will try to update this whenever a new episode appears, so check it out every week.

I divided it into two types. The first one is Single, where there is a single shot/angle that only pans through the screen without changing. The second one is Multiple, where there are multiple shots in multiple angles, but the action or the characters remain at a standstill. Please take note that the timed numbers are not necessarily exact, so please tell me if it is actually radically slower or longer than the posted time.

Update: Up to episode 9 covered.

Episode 1 – Meeting with Youko – 15 seconds

Episode 2 – First encounter with Shougo – 17 seconds

Episode 3 – Kurogane’s strike-a-pose with new sword – 13 seconds

Episode 5 – Before Shougo and Syaoran’s fight – 22 seconds

Episode 6 – Travelling to another world – 15 seconds

Episode 7 – Staring at a castle – 11 seconds

Episode 9 – Staring at a castle – 10 seconds

Episode 9 – Syaoran and big guy face off – 15 seconds

Episode 3 – Sakura staring at Syaoran – 35 seconds

Episode 4 – Sakura is flying – 48 seconds

Episode 6 – Syaoran waits for Sakura to wake up – 20 seconds

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Posted By: luis On: May 31, 2005 At: 2:24 pm

traduce lo que te voy a decir por que osea criticando algo de lo mas estupido disque demora el tiempo eso le mete el estilo si a ti te gusta anime que vayan rapido ok no hay problema pero la critica que le pones es pobre osea clamp tiene su estilo y es muy bueno por lo que veo te gustan los animes pobre yo he visto muchos que demora y es pa que tenga la persona tiempo pa pensar y piensa lo que va a pasar no vengas a criticarme ya que este email es inventado solo un consejo no critiques de esa manera animes de buena calidad algo que tu no reconoces ni reconoceras nunca y si me pones algo te lo critico peor y si insistes te haqueo bye

bluemist to luis: Please speak in English, but apparently you don’t approve of my critique isn’t it? Sorry if you do think that this is a stupid post, but this is purely my opinion (or rather a joke), and I understand that you have yours, and I respect that. Thank you.

Posted By: Susan On: January 11, 2007 At: 2:36 pm

Wow, these cartoons are great, did you do them yourself? or is there a team behind the creation?
Ive never heard of the Tsubasa Chronicle before, is this a tv show or comic?
Well i think it looks awesome.
Susan – Lover of Anime

Posted By: o coco verde On: July 21, 2007 At: 3:58 am

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