By bluemist on April 17th, 2008

Basically, I’m trying to change my blog mechanics right now, and I’m thinking of a lot of ideas on how to present you with the maximum amount of my content in the simplest and sensible manner.

Traditionally, I am a very busy casual blogger with only a few posts each month. That’s because I make feature-complete articles, if you know what I mean. Feature-complete articles may basically mean long-ars wall-of-text posts of mine, but I meant each post to be as meaningful, less information-hanging, and as conclusive as possible. Because of this, I’m not a time-based blogger, in which I feature the latest and the greatest, rather I want to promote my old posts, updating them as required. Take for example my posts about bishoujo game companies like Key. I want to update the article based on new information like Little Busters, anime Clannad and their newer upcoming game, but I don’t update it because most likely, you won’t see it because it’s old. That is despite me sticking it in the Recent Updated Posts section of the sidebar.

I’m trying to brainstorm how you, my dear reader, would be able to see and access my old (but updated) interesting content. New readers of my blog should be able to see the content for the first time, while avid readers would be able to catch updated content of the topic in hand. While I was partly successful in some ideas by grouping it into projects, like the ToHeart2 project, for more individualized articles, I need another way to go at it. What do you think?

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Posted By: Zeroblade On: April 19, 2008 At: 10:00 pm

Switched to Hemingway, I see.

For accessibility… Perhaps, link related posts within the newer posts made?