Sakura cosplays again!

By bluemist on May 1st, 2005

Taken from Tsubasa Chronicle 4:

I’m sure Tomoyo would be delighted.

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Posted By: moyism On: May 01, 2005 At: 12:00 pm

unfortunately that’s the ONLY good thing about this episode. Beside that, a lot was thrown out from the manga (I’ll admit the manga isn’t THAT good but..) esp when Syaoran and Sakura meet again for the “first” time. =/

Also noticed the animation went down a tad… not liking how Tsubasa is coming out, though I’ll still probably watch either way.

Posted By: Willuknight On: May 15, 2005 At: 5:04 pm

i’m almost fed up with Tsubasa, the first 2 episodes were great, but its been downhill from there (for me) i’m on the verge of dropping it. its so dull (IMHO)

i think i’ll stick it out one more ep (am im upto ep 5) before i stop, because it looks like they’ll go to another world…

Posted By: Jade_Fire On: December 11, 2006 At: 6:48 pm

I think Tsubasa is okay, but it needs to STOP shifting from World to World (Dimension 2 Dimension If you’re picky) for us to catch up upon!! I mean because I have a photographic memorary it gets so boring to remember those other boring places…But its pretty good all the same!

Posted By: Cherry_Blossoms_Azure_Sky On: December 11, 2006 At: 6:49 pm

Its okay!! But I still LOVE CCS!!