School Days

By bluemist on May 7th, 2005

School Days

In school life, three persons were always together. Our relation was broken on that day. The past never recover no longer
(arrgh… Engrish…)

Hmm… seems to be popular for being one of the only bishoujo games to be fully animated. That’s right. No more lazing through still pictures with volumes of text (and sometimes without speech), the whole game is driven with animation. The bad part about it is that you need to get 8 gigs worth of data, and more than that to install the game, not to mention the numerous huge patches that you need to download over the internet. This is one bloated bishoujo game.

Well the demo movie starts out with our usual loser guy having an eye for this beautiful lady. He’s so much a loser, that his classmate (another girl) still lent him help in getting close to the lady. Well, it’s as Kiminozo as it gets from there, this one girl trying to bridge the two together, but she also has feelings for the guy.

I guess the story starts from there, and it seems to be… whoa! It’s a psycho game! The characters would eventually experience jealousy, deceit, and… violence. Many say it’s not your average high school game after a while… Hmm… interesting. Wanna be spoiled by bad endings? If you’ll probably not play the game anyway, feel free to click here and here, and thank yourself for not having school days like that.

This being fully animated, I can kinda understand the game by treating it as if it is a RAW anime. The only things I don’t understand here are the choices (written in Japanese), so this has been a massive guessing game for me.

But some sources tell that there is actually an ending even if you haven’t made a choice at all! Well, that’d be boring because I may not get to win the girls, but at least I get an ending. Well, I can only guess that it is a bad ending though.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature


Posted By: Mattias On: May 07, 2005 At: 10:56 am

I went ahead and looked at those pictures and, wow, yeah looks pretty far from a regular high school game alright. 😛

Posted By: Jehuty On: May 08, 2005 At: 10:20 am

Ouch =] at least there aren’t any parts flying around like Elfen Lied ~_~

Posted By: Wowdown On: August 09, 2005 At: 6:00 am

Having played this game, I can safely say that those endings are very few (44 endings, most of them, ranging from comedic hiliarity to dramatic climax and [as you have seen from the screenshots] violent ends). The story is good despite the criticism I have heard. Although I do not claim to understand even 25% of the game, the way the characters show their feelings and behavior through their actions and their tone is splendid.

The H scenes would be something I would overlook if I were to play it as a “regular” dating sim, as the plot is just that good (knowing body language and some Japanese is good enough to get the gist of it.)

Despite the somewhat poor animation (mismatched timing of lip-sync, and 75% of the scenes being mostly movement of the lips) and the big size (~8GB as a disk, ~14GB when installed), I would still recommend it for anybody that would want to try this game.

Posted By: Tsuchimi Rin On: August 22, 2005 At: 6:00 pm

The game seems pretty cool..if only a bit too overly bloated..i like the endings…theyre quite unique.

Posted By: Pikawil On: September 24, 2005 At: 9:09 am

You wanna see another (animated) bad ending?

Posted By: o_0 On: October 09, 2005 At: 9:05 am

If only it ran off the disc instead…

Posted By: Wowdown On: October 28, 2005 At: 10:24 am

Overflow is making a prequel to this game called “Summer Days”, check it out ^^

Posted By: omg On: December 02, 2005 At: 8:39 am

omfg what is this man. first i saw the anime looks good. and then, i saw in the official site porno stuff. and then i saw violence eerk LOL! the ending sucks then

Posted By: OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol On: January 17, 2006 At: 10:11 am

I personally wouldn’t call 45 routes (not endings; there are 20 different endings but each route is pretty unique even if it shares events with other routes) “very few”, all the contrary, if you considering they all are “complete” routes (i.e. not “bad” routes which would interrupt the game “in the middle”).
I personally think this game was the jewel of 2005, for its innovative game system (anime-like), story-system (all choices are good choices and will lead to a complete ending/route) and, well, music, graphics, characters and story.

Posted By: seikensha On: August 09, 2006 At: 10:11 pm

I echo OLF’s comment. For all the rough sides of School Days, it’s a bonafide diamond for all the reasons mentioned above, and for how solid the storytelling was in the middle of all of this.

There were so many times in the game I cringed at delicate moments or in heated exchanges, sighed with acknowledgement and sympathetic depression, gasped at the shocking revelations, laughed at genuinely comic situations or dialogue, and even anguished with the characters for the difficulty of the situation and wishing for an easy answer (which like in real life, doesn’t exist most of the time).

You will see all the characters in a different light upon completion of different scenarios; my favorite character emerged as a result of learning the truths of the past, and it wasn’t an instant realization. Also… you will probably see why many people in 2ch hated Makoto (the shuujinkou/main char).

All the bugs aside, for a game to be able to do that genuinely, it was indeed well written and well played out.

And lastly, to Jehuty: there are at least two bad endings I’ve seen personally that are anything but clean. Kotonoha can go psycho, mark my words — though considering some of the tremendous emotional abuse she has to go through, you can’t exactkt say it was totally unwarranted (from her mindset, at least).

Posted By: wontaek On: September 29, 2006 At: 12:36 pm

Kotonoha may be prettier, but I prefer Sekai.

Posted By: shaind On: October 14, 2006 At: 5:47 pm

Although those three bad endings – to my child(stabbing) / bloody ending(sawing) / forever(diving) – seems to be numerically small among total of 20 endings, the player WILL encounter them with high probability if he doesn’t have enough resolution.

if you wander between those two girls in some decisive moments then…………….OMFG

Posted By: ganksta On: December 03, 2006 At: 11:46 am

Hey shaind do you know if there’s any sort of guide or translation to english I just got it and Im aobut to finish the installation , and I was just wondering.

Posted By: wingky On: April 22, 2007 At: 3:13 am

nope i been looking for a english patch but never founded one! dang

Posted By: Spoil88 On: May 30, 2007 At: 12:04 am

Posted By: paula On: June 05, 2007 At: 1:36 pm

omg? ending sucks? why? what’s the ending.

and I knew School days anime a while ago from anime suki forums “life-school romance forum”

and this is a game???

I never played any anime game before?? where can I buy it? or download?

Posted By: paula On: June 05, 2007 At: 1:38 pm

e-mail me please. i don’t know when i can check this blog again. thanks

Posted By: Zeerak On: July 11, 2007 At: 11:32 pm

So I’m wondering. Where do you get the game? Just finished watching the first episode of the anime, and I found it rather enthralling. So I figured I’d try with the game as well.

Posted By: Zeerak On: July 22, 2007 At: 2:47 am

Argh. Okay I now have the game, which does nothing for me. I can’t see what’s going on, on the screen (I can click option menus and such and see them fine, and I can hear what the characters are saying. I just can’t see what the characters are doing as they say it… Any idea where I could get help on this?

Posted By: Chiffon On: August 04, 2007 At: 1:43 pm

hmm I’ve seen the anime and…well it’s turning into a pretty bad one even if it’s only at ep5! well not bad I mean the situation in the anime 🙂 the anime’s pretty good but I doubt that being aired in local tv stations hahaha!

anyway do you guys have a link for this game? I never thought a game existed for school days, I just stumbled upon here looking for episode 6 perhaps 🙂

Posted By: francisco On: August 08, 2007 At: 1:55 pm

i have just one question where i can get the game and is it for ps2 or what??? i haven’t seen the game how can i get the game?

Posted By: ninkyo On: August 10, 2007 At: 12:17 pm

im downloading the game right now through the torrent. but im a little uneasy bcuz of the enormous amount of space it requires.. if any of u are looking for the download theres several of em at But those are torrents ok?? If u dont have bit-torrent then just download the program somewhere then download the game from that site. For me the download time for the game is about 12 or 14 hours. so i suggest downloading it around evening so when u wake up itll be loaded and u wont be mad waiting so long..xP

Posted By: Amanda On: August 16, 2007 At: 2:00 pm

whats this school days game. i dont rly get it, can u buy it or do you play it online!

Posted By: Amanda On: August 16, 2007 At: 2:03 pm

also is it in english

Posted By: Brad On: August 18, 2007 At: 6:22 pm

ye basically what amanda said is there anywhere too buy the game and if so preferably in english cause i hate downloading so i want to buy it… also please email me about it cause i have no idea of how to check this blog again

Posted By: Kenmei On: September 08, 2007 At: 5:46 pm

where can I download the game

Posted By: anashiro On: September 25, 2007 At: 11:32 am

i had seen the anime…so sad…full of unsatisfied has through my body..while wacthing this movie..fell sory for someone & many others. the plot of the anime…so much familiar with real live situation. i feel sory for katsura(i like this character..i wish i can have this type of girl)..for what makoto did…

Posted By: ohblargh? On: September 29, 2007 At: 1:37 pm

The last episode is made of win. Pure, infalliable win.

Posted By: anonymous On: September 29, 2007 At: 8:09 pm

nice boat

Posted By: Avery On: October 01, 2007 At: 7:58 pm

What the heck ..I just DLed the entire game (8 gigs) .. I installed it, installed the 250mb patch and it’s all in Japanese .. I don’t understand a thing. Isn’t there supposed to be a patch or something?

Posted By: Nunez On: October 03, 2007 At: 9:28 am

Does anyone know if the games is in english. I have been looking for it for a while and i have been have a hard time finding it.

Posted By: Tyrese On: October 09, 2007 At: 10:51 am

Where can I download this game at? Is it in english?

Posted By: I hate Sekai On: October 14, 2007 At: 3:21 am

I downloaded it and the patch, but I can’t open it with any program on my computer… what program did you guys use?

Posted By: Jay On: November 10, 2007 At: 8:35 am

Depending on what you downloaded you might have an mds file and its data segments… This is an ISO that you can mount to your disc drive or burn to a dual-layer dvd. I think. I just mounted mine, and it worked fine. My virus software caused the game to lag to an unplayable degree, so I had to turn off some settings.

Posted By: Gordrick On: November 30, 2007 At: 5:41 am

I’ve just finished watching the anime, and it left me completely unsatisfied when Makoto never ended up with Sekai. Although I was disappointed in the ending, I did find the anime overall hilarious. Randomly, I found out that this anime actually has a game. I believe that this type of genre has alot of potential for animes, especially bishoujo, since wanted to be a good ending of Makoto with Sekai. I’m not going to download this game because it isn’t english subbed, but I would really appreciate anime more when you can lead the story to your liking. All I can say is that I’m a sucker for (bi)shoujo.

Posted By: mag On: February 21, 2008 At: 9:35 pm

uhm…………very aggressive and interesting anime/game..

Posted By: chris On: May 19, 2008 At: 4:18 am

i just downloaded the game and i don’t know how to use it because their are all theses rar files so how do i start the game because i don’t know what program to use to activate the gmae so somebody help me

Posted By: Ryuusuke On: September 03, 2008 At: 8:52 am

i watched the anime 3 times in a row and i’m starting become immune to the sight of blood. And i would’ve liked this anime better if Makoto ended up with Sekai, he realized he loved Sekai when he was cleaning up the food from the floor. But too late game ova dude! he was about to tell her but she stabbed him before he had a chance (i’m only typing this to make myself feel better about the ending… it might be true though.)

Posted By: swampy On: February 11, 2009 At: 12:43 pm

I downloaded the torrent but I can’t run it, can someone help me?

Posted By: swampy On: February 11, 2009 At: 12:59 pm

So you’re saying, that if I burn the files to a dvd, it will work?

Posted By: Miher On: April 01, 2009 At: 9:09 am

I instaled the game. It works perfect. But the english patch (downloaded form doesn’t have any effect at all. The texts are still in Japan.
Could any of you get the texts in english? How did you do? There are another english patch?

(I’m sorry about my pathetic english speech. I’m not very well in this)


Posted By: Jerome Star On: July 04, 2009 At: 11:49 am

Sekai Project’s patch isn’t yet complete. As far as I know, it only changes Act I text. The patch they give on their site is the official game patch, not an actual beta for their translation. If you look through their forums, you’ll find a nice guide to getting an automatic translation for the game with translation software, but the translation is /barely/ readable. You’ll understand the general point (maybe), but not really understand everything that’s being said.

The game is /very/ awesome nonetheless. You can actually shape the character of Makoto in your image (somewhat), and – as an aftereffect – affect other characters and the whole plot! I’m especially looking forward to Sekai Project’s translation patch, but it’s certainly fun to play even without it!

Remember, to run the game, you have to change a number of settings on your computer. I know how to do it in Windows XP, but don’t ask me about Vista or anything else. You’d be lucky if it works on anything other than XP. XD Anyways, go to Control Panel, then Regional and Language Options. Go to the Languages tab and check the little checkbox next to ‘Install files for East Asian languages’. You’ll need the Windows installation CD for this, otherwise you’re stuck. Make sure Japanese is checked in the Advanced tab after you’re done installing.

For the setup program, you may find it easier to run if you switch the language version of non-Unicode programs to Japanese in the Advanced tab on that settings spot. But I can run the game perfectly fine without changing much of anything, except installing those East Asian languages.

And yes, there’s a game for the PS2 also. You have to buy it from Japan (don’t know if they’ll sell the PC version to American citizens though, especially after that little flame-war between the American feminists and the Japanese hentai industry). Only Japanese PS2s can run it also, since English PS2s don’t have East Asian language support.

Posted By: On: August 11, 2010 At: 10:02 pm

Автор, а скажите а куда написать по поводу обмена ссылок (на какое мыло)?

Posted By: kukyo On: October 13, 2010 At: 8:11 am

did you buy the game or download it? all of the downloads I find don’t work….