By bluemist on May 30th, 2005

Shuffle Preview


Be whatever this July!

Before you say this is just another bishoujo game based anime… well… nothing… say it now, it’s really just another bishoujo game based anime. In this one, there seem to be three races, humans, gods and demons. These three races live somewhat in harmony for now. So when two new neighbors arrive, one god family and one demon family, and they have a respective cute bishoujo girl each with matching elf ears, a boring male’s life will never be the same again. Not only that, you still have your childhood friend, a spunky girl next door, and a mysterious quiet girl too. Better love those cliches…

Anyway, looking forward to this, but from the prologue video I’ve seen, the designs look… inconsistent. There were shots of greatness and other shots of mess. The animation seems to flow smoothly though, due to a lot of in-between frames, which make it look OVA-style. What’s better is that it’s in WOWOW, so not only will we get high-quality raws, I could even have a chance to watch it myself direct from WOWOW! (some cable TVs here have WOWOW)

Here are some shots of the girls, along with their respective CG from the original game.






This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature


Posted By: beerman On: May 30, 2005 At: 9:18 pm

SHUFFLE! will be the appropriate post-AIR show that I need. It may have the cliched bishoujo/eroge plot, but it offers its own unique twist to it. I anticipate this will be a very relaxful and enjoyable show.

Posted By: moyism On: June 08, 2005 At: 5:19 am

bluemist, you might be interested in seeing pics of the prologue box and stuff here. Found it over at the AoD forums 😉

Posted By: Xen On: August 13, 2005 At: 11:05 am

hey i was wondering if you guys know where i can get the translated version of the game. i have the game installed but i cant read japanese =p help me out if you can ^^

Posted By: solgae On: October 19, 2005 At: 9:11 am

I just started playing this game recently, and all I can say is, this is a one-of-a-kind harem story. You’ll know what I mean when you take a look at just how many girls have fallen in love with the main protagonist, Tsuchimi Rin, simply because of what Rin did for them during their childhood.

Anime is a bit disappointing though. Plot feels kinda stupid, and the graphic is so much worser than the game (the graphics were the reason I started playing the game). Nevertheless, I’m still watching it because I like the character Premura (the quiet girl). Be ready to shred some tears and cheer when you go thru her story on the game.

Posted By: Paolo On: May 16, 2007 At: 7:17 pm

umm…..guys where could I download this game? pls help me