Promises: Summer of Bishoujo 2 Project

By bluemist on June 10th, 2006


It’s almost summer in Japan… I think (but then again, I wouldn’t know), and while I’m still scampering for info about the next anime season’s premiere offerings, I should also prepare for the new iteration of my Summer of Bishoujo project.

Don’t know what it is? Well, it’s just my collective that I started a year ago when I realized that I’ve been reviewing too many bishoujo game based anime, and playing nothing but To Heart 2. I’ve had fun with it while it lasted, but it wasn’t all good actually. Back then I promised lots more features, like reviewing more anime, or another game to play, but alas many of those never came into fruition. I never had the time and dedication to focus on them. You could say those were just “empty promises”.

And so I’m gonna go “sarcastic” all over myself again, and make more empty promises for Summer of Bishoujo 2! So with the theme of “promises”, I’m gonna challenge myself in writing more articles for the project. I promise I will. Promise.

(I, the devil’s advocate of this blogger, doubts it. Because look, this blog itself isn’t too active over the past weeks. How could he muster more effort into the project? For the record, he’s so backlogged with Fate/stay Night, and hasn’t watched Canvas 2 yet… surprised? See his dedication? Hahaha! I love to see him fail.)

The URL for the project is still the same, please visit:

You will see my empty promises there…

I hope to see you soon. Promise.


Posted By: coolhorsems On: June 11, 2006 At: 10:18 am

Well,I just read your blog by accident, however I indeed have found a good place about animation info!I am a chinese , also like you ,very like watching cartoon and playing BISHOJO game to death~~~~It’s appriciate that you can write so much about it(I have not such patient in fact ,because when I set in front of my computer ,I just play games or watch anime),what you written is really available for me,so thanks a lot~~~~~引き続き頑張って下さい!あなたが書くのがもっと多いことを期待する!

Posted By: piyo On: June 11, 2006 At: 2:00 pm

I eagerly await the summer of bishoujo… whatever it becomes.

But then again, your post is an “ego blogger” post. Do the work because you want to do it. Go ahead and do all the games, or just one. Write up all the anime, or detail just one.

Oh yeah, Summer is defined in the Northern Hemispehere as June 21 to Sept 21. Or did you mean something else?

Posted By: bluemist On: June 11, 2006 At: 8:07 pm

@piyo: Well I just meant that I will start Summer of Bishoujo when the so-called summer season of anime starts in Japan.

Posted By: meganeshounen On: June 11, 2006 At: 8:59 pm

There are a lot of *good* games out there right now. Lots of noteworthy ones…


Posted By: piyo On: June 11, 2006 At: 9:08 pm

(Sorry for last post’s pedantic mode.) Oh I was hoping for some more gaming review. Maybe you could try another video game? Kimikiss seems to be interesting, Tsuyokisu – Mighty Heart seems to be this season’s “Tsundere” example.

Posted By: coolhorsems On: June 11, 2006 At: 9:58 pm

BLUEMIST,Why not write about D.C.2? This game is very hot in Japan now.