Season of Smiles: Summer of Bishoujo Project

By bluemist on July 4th, 2005

Season of Smiles: Summer of Bishoujo Project


Not again, what are you trying to do here?
Well, I’m gonna feature bishoujo! The animes, the games, and more importantly, the girls! Since it’s the season of D.C.S.S. and Shuffle, might as well make it the season of bishoujo!

Are you suicidal?
I’m quite regretful that I can’t present enough shoujo material in this blog (due to its under-representation in the fansub community as of late), so I’m gonna switch to the bishoujo game genre full-force for now.

Any details?
Well, the project is mostly for those animes that come from bishoujo games. For now I’m gonna compile the list of all the reviews that I have done so far. For the next few weeks I’m gonna look back to other animes of this genre and review them as well. Maybe I’ll feature some popular bishoujo games too, in one way or another. More details are already in the project page.

You can reach the project through this link:
Summer of Bishoujo

Well that’s it. Expect content in the coming weeks… enjoy!