summer of loli

By bluemist on July 15th, 2005

’tis the season to be loli, falala lala, lala la-la…
(that was lame)

This is the ‘loli’ group of anime that I’m gonna watch this season.

This already constitutes 4 animes. There are more to follow. I told myself I shouldn’t be over this limit. I’m going on overload.

But can I ever resist the loli-licious-ness? Not to mention the moe-licious-ness? Or the kawaii-licious-ness? Or the…

Ichigo Mashimaro
Five girls, one ambition: make us laugh at their silliness. This is post-Azumanga Daioh comedy, but much loli-er. Frankly, it was very entertaining! The naughty fanservice of the manga toned down, background music at a minimum to shift focus to the hyper-funny dialogue, and the girls drawn ever so cute! My anime of the season!

She has just become… a god! And so this young kid experience the perils of discovering and controlling her power, all the while being a student and falling in love with this weird guy. Many say it is as inspired as Ghibli works, and it shows a bit. The thing literally “moves”, it is fluidly animated, and very imaginative.

Paniponi Dash!
Weird teacher + weird students + outer-worldly weird factors = over-the-top craziness anime. Yes, each girl has their own share of weirdness. The animation shifts quickly between SD, loli, and kawaii styles, and the OP sounds like it came from the 70’s (from the animators who gave us the classic nekomimi-mode, btw)!

Transfer student is an ero-ero petopeto-san. Whatever that means, she is apparently very “sticky”. If your body sticks hard enough to her body you will literally stick, and only by sleeping will you be set free. Look at that first victim. Lucky guy.

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Posted By: Washi On: July 15, 2005 At: 6:36 pm

Run for the hills it’s a loli-flood!

Well I’m already watching Kamichu, and will certainly be watching Ichigo Mashimaro after I enjoyed the manga so much. The others I’m not sure about yet. I shall wait for the subs before rushing in with enthusiasm. Good times, people, good times. Still, I wouldn’t mind a few more action-oriented shows (non-generic ones).

Posted By: Fabien On: July 15, 2005 At: 10:38 pm

Basicaly in japanese, “peto peto” describe something sticky like melted candy or perspiration on skin.