summer of the others

By bluemist on July 18th, 2005

This is the ‘others’ group of anime that I’m gonna watch this season.

This and the loli group constitutes 8 animes in total, double my limit. I told myself I shouldn’t be over this limit. I’m going on overload.

Da Capo Second Season
One of the biggest bishoujo game based anime just got even bigger! Double the girls, double the service, double the fun! The D.C.P.S. crew is here! For anti-Nemu and anti-Sakura fans this is also a treat, they’re not appearing (yet), and new main character Aisha is as adorable as… well… any other girl who says “goshujin-sama”. Kotori takes the limelight, and my favorite girl Mako remains a sideline (boo).

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
It’s darn good. The animation masters Kyoto Animation is at it once again, in what could be equated as FMP1 + Fumoffu = FMP:TSR. It has the mecha goodness of the first series, and seemingly also the hyper comedy of Fumoffu! Could anyone ask for more?

Humans, gods, and demons live in harmony. This dorky guy gets a “taste” of all of them. A god family and a demon family suddenly live beside you, and within each is a girl whom you should pick from to be a wife! How more lucky can a dorky guy get? Follow his antics and see his choices in bishoujo game based freak show Shuffle!

Suzuka is cool. She’s great at high jumps. Suddenly this dorky guy would live beside her apartment, and will affect her life. Is it for the better? Or for worse? It’s a new take on the cliched harem genre. It seems kinda different, so I’ll take it. Besides, Suzuka is cool. Did I mention that Suzuka is cool?


Posted By: conrath On: July 22, 2005 At: 1:12 pm

bah mako still on side line D:

Posted By: anime-fan ric On: June 20, 2006 At: 4:11 pm

Shuffle rocks! I’m watching it right now (I mean not now ’cause I have school, but on weekends) and it’s cool. It’s in DVD format, of course – I have a feeling that none of the major channels that show anime will air it because it’s an “older-teen” anime – so this is the only way. Maybe it’s the fact that it uses subtitles, and pretty good ones too, with color-coding depending on which character is speaking, karaoke-style theme song subs, and little footnotes on Japanese language and culture that pop up every now and then, that makes it so good.