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Of the entirely vast array of romance-themed anime series, only a few stand out in my memory. Why? It’s because most of them are harem in nature, meaning ALL the girls like the male lead. I don’t usually like that kind of anime. It reduces the chance of a story progression to happen, and all episodes will become mere fillers for character development. On the other hand, progressive anime series have plots that really ‘move’, and are very enticing to watch because you want to know what happens next. It’s somewhat the same way why some people love regular soap operas on TV. Certain progressive romance anime series like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien are very appealing to my tastes. And that’s why this next progressive romance anime, Suzuka, makes such an impact as a series that somehow deviates from the cliched world of harem anime.

Based on a manga, we have a seemingly typical setup of a harem series in Suzuka. Our main character Yamato has just arrived to stay in an apartment, where he would live with a girl next door, aptly named Suzuka. Then we have the usual array of supporting girl cast, including a shy type, a younger sister type and her mother, a drunkard, a meganekko, a teen idol, and a fellow cool beauty. We also have an array of supporting male characters to annoy them, including the ever-required perverted male best friend.

Sounds typical so far? Okay, let’s go to the differences. First up, behind the romance plot is a background of shounen-type high-school athletics theme. Suzuka is on high jump, while Yamato eventually joins track and field. They practice their sports and compete in inter-school tournaments. This sub-theme gains secondary focus, and makes for some interesting plot devices for the romance part. Secondly, not all girls like the male lead. Whew, this is a very refreshing counterprogramming (cough*Da Capo*cough), if you get tired of those kind of harem anime. And lastly, the most important of all, is story progression.

The plot of the Suzuka anime literally ‘moves’. Nothing stands still. You see characters developing, relationships changing, rivalries starting, etc. It won’t even take the entire length of the series just to make anything happen. In Suzuka, something happens in every episode. While some may still argue otherwise (the anime did drag near the end of it), don’t you think it is already non-cliche because of the continually moving story? It was a wonderful experience to watch an anime that is more story-based.

Because of the story, character development is affected by the plot dynamics. You may end up liking a character at one point, and hating him/her at another. This human aspect makes the anime more realistic than most series. That does not mean the characters have no special characteristics. Suzuka, for one, is the ever-loved (or ever-hated) Ice Queen and Denial Queen. Her cold and sarcastic attitude towards Yamato makes her oh so cool and cute! I like girl next door types, and Suzuka really rocks in that department. Also, it does not mean that the characters don’t grow up either. Honoka-chan, the shy girl type, will shed her shyness away, and unbelievably even take center stage at some point. Watch the series to find out how.

The only caveat is the radically changing animation quality. Arrgh, the Negima curse remains. Thankfully, it doesn’t annoy me too often, because the plot is really engaging. At some point in the series, I didn’t notice or even care whether the characters look kinda off or poorly animated. It’s that good. The background music doesn’t stand out too much, but isn’t an annoyance either. There are some good tracks though. The OP (Start Line) sounds kinda 80’s, which is good. I didn’t like the first ED (Aoi Field) too much, but the second one (Kimi no Koto) is now an instant classic in my playlist.

All in all, this is a highly recommended watch. If you are tired of fillers, Suzuka is a refreshing progressive change. IMO one of the best of its genre, which is saying much already, if it even belongs to one. Everything else is cookie-cutter, but this one takes a shape all its own.

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Posted By: Mentar On: January 21, 2006 At: 4:36 pm

I think you nailed exactly what is setting Suzuka apart from most of the genre. Good job 🙂

Posted By: Wrathie On: January 21, 2006 At: 8:27 pm

=D Yea Suzuka Is a good anime.. was wondering when you’ll get to it.. LOLX..
I but frm what I gather.. Suzuka does not stray TT Much frm the Manga =x

Posted By: sachiko On: January 22, 2006 At: 3:16 am

I really like Suzuka. But the manga continues on story… maybe a second season (of the series) will appear… I hope that. (sorry for my bad english).

Posted By: Monkey On: January 28, 2006 At: 5:32 am

Please let there be a second season. If u know there is tell me.

Posted By: Monkey On: January 28, 2006 At: 5:40 am

does the series carry on in the Manga?

Posted By: bezicto On: February 01, 2006 At: 10:11 pm

The anime series ended up at chapter 072 of the manga series. and IF there is a second season, it should kick off at chapter 073. i haven’t bothered to read the manga version quite yet because for me, the anime version ended up quite nicely. and, as a fan of this series, frankly speaking; i demand a second season ^_^

Posted By: Branzell On: March 13, 2006 At: 2:56 pm

Hey, it is 2 sessions already, 1 with 1 – 13 and the second has the rest, I hope it comes more, I really, really do! (hehe not don yet but wata heck) (ep. 22)

Posted By: dookie On: July 28, 2006 At: 3:54 am

i really wish they would continue the story in the anime the manga continueing after the anime ended was really good so i hope that they adapt taht to the anime it would be awesome

Posted By: sandy On: January 16, 2007 At: 6:09 pm

I love SUZUKA! Before I watched it, I actually searched for the anime review and a lot of people said it wasn’t much of a good anime; however, after watching 5-6 eps, I was totally hooked!! It was such a sweet love story…i kind of felt the pain in some of the eps -.- so sad …but i loved it! two thumbs up

Posted By: kevin On: January 19, 2007 At: 8:38 am

well like branzell said from 1-26 its already 2 seasons so there will be a season 3 because i read on a site saying it’ll be release at march :D. man i can’t wait

Posted By: brandon On: February 11, 2007 At: 3:17 pm

One fo my favorite shows, i advise you all to read the manga, its not something you can not read. And kevin i dont know when/even if there will ever be a season 3, sadly suzuka didnt make enough of a splash in japan to guarentee a season 3. And there is only one season consiting of 26 episodes.

Posted By: anime_addict On: March 12, 2007 At: 7:18 pm

suzuka is soooooooo cool!!!i love this show!!but i like naruto better…..go!!suzuka!!

Posted By: anime_addict On: March 12, 2007 At: 7:20 pm

I Love you YAMATO your sooo cute!!!!and honoka is so pretty!!suzuka is pretty too!!!


Posted By: Prakash On: April 22, 2007 At: 12:25 am

Indeed this is one of the most underrated animes..I was so lucky to have watched it just because i didn’t have anything else left to watch..But i ended up watching it over and over..YES!! It is that good..Unfortunately it is incomplete..Does anyone have any idea about a follow up season..I already have the manga but i don’t usually read mangas and it would suck to read the manga only to find out that the next season is due to come out!!!

Posted By: . On: May 31, 2007 At: 4:24 am

Some1 knows an anime that is like Suzuka?

Posted By: maya On: June 14, 2007 At: 4:56 pm

i love suzuka anime..its really a great anime..the its cool and i like it because its like a true story..^_^V not like other anime’s there where they have powers and sort of stuffs like they are soo weird

Posted By: Will On: June 28, 2007 At: 1:54 am

I have to agree, Suzuka surprised me. I haven’t had much to watch lately after watching up to current on Naruto and Bleach. I decided to give this a try and boy did it really keep me glued.

I think in my mind, good animes require some sort of tricky romance, and this one serves that up well, without being too fake about it (all the girls like 1 guy type thing). Good show and highly recommended.

Posted By: ace On: July 01, 2007 At: 5:31 am

i have watched suzuka season 1 .I love it but i am soooo wishing that season 2 may come if anyone please tell me

Posted By: Lest27 On: August 06, 2007 At: 5:26 am

I was just reading the wiki page of Suzuka, its says there that the manga was good and was accepted, but the anime fame was just mediocre…..which means they might not make a second season!! wWAAAh!! and i cant accept that coz im an avid fan of suzuka now!!!

Posted By: maylu On: August 31, 2007 At: 7:59 am

hey i finished watching suzuka season 1 i know theres a second season in manga but will they conintue from episodes? if someone know plz reply asap

Posted By: medkev123 On: September 11, 2007 At: 1:37 pm

No word on any works of a second season of anime for suzuka. However it was mentioned under manga there will only be 2 more manga episodes left, which really saddens me. The author of this topic really hit the point in regards of the Human-like mentality/element in this series. Shame it will end.

Posted By: Teens For Cash On: October 16, 2007 At: 5:27 pm

Teens For Cash…

Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)…

Posted By: clayton On: December 31, 2007 At: 5:58 pm

i kinda hope there is a second season as well, although i doubt there ever will be, if u do want the rest do what everyone says and read the manga, i wont say any spoilers, but i will say near the ending there will be a huge suprise for the two lovebirds

Posted By: Otohata On: January 28, 2008 At: 12:58 am

I dont see it. I thought the two main characters were hard to watch. Suzuka was one of the most hateful anime girls I’ve ever seen, and Yamato started out as kinda cool and then took a nose dive into just plain stupid. Although I knew exactly how it would end, I was still thrown for a loop when Yamato actually confessed his feelings (How often does that happen?) and was totally rejected. Then I started hating him when he was becoming an obsessive stalker after his rejection, but I was again spun around when he developed a relationship with the shy girl (Honoka). Unfortunately, I found myself hating Yamato even more when he managed to screw that relationship up. After that it just gets drawn out and boring. I spend the rest of the time hating the main characters as they mope around and then eventally end up together. Wow, I totally didnt see that coming /yawn. Although it suprised me more than once, every time it managed to shoot itself back down. Disappointing.

Posted By: danny On: June 22, 2008 At: 6:27 am

I Wish They Would Continue Both But As The Saying Goe’s:

You Can Wish In One Hand And Crap In The Other And See Which One Fills Up First.
–burgess meredith– 1907–1997

Posted By: Dan On: July 22, 2008 At: 2:27 pm

I read the manga all the way through. I have now watched the anime all the way through. All I have to say is WOW I was floored with how they ended the anime. I can see what the guy above said. If he had just watched the anime and not read the manga I can see someone one hating this anime. If you only watched the anime then you must read the rest of the manga. I am so hoping they finish the anime!!!!!!!

Posted By: Sven On: February 11, 2009 At: 5:31 pm

I just wish they would make a second season I read the whole manga and it is amazing. I wish it had’nt ended…..

Posted By: shericia On: February 17, 2009 At: 3:44 am

suzuka is a really cool anime. i really love how there is sooo much going on in the show and to me thats what keeps people watching! ^^

Posted By: Akitsuki-Kun On: May 12, 2009 At: 1:17 am

i think there will be more season because akitsuki did’nt win from arima. maybe there will be more babies to come .. uha uha uha.. sleepless becuase of this F#!@#! beautiful story . T_T