Manga otaku for the win? (For real this time)

By bluemist on September 23rd, 2008

A bit of a shocker in the news a few days ago when Japan’s Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo resigns from the post… blah blah blah.

While I don’t think that he would transform Japan into Akihabara Country… blah blah blah.

Don’t get your hopes up though, Aso may not even win. I’m not too keen on Japanese politics… blah blah blah.

On the other hand, if government offices start hiring maids wearing gothloli Rozen Maiden-like outfits I would be pleasantly surprised. Sound impossible? Remember this is Japan, anything goes.

You already heard it from me last year, but this time it’s with full certainty that Rozen Aso will be Japan’s new PM, assuming the LHC machine on the far side of the world didn’t brainwash the majority party or its supporters in Japan. And so a million otakus rejoice, stocks of manga companies rise, and the rest of the world don’t care much.

I need to go back to my hibernating and see how this plays off. If it opens the door to more exposure to Japan’s subculture, it will be a rocky road ahead. Don’t get me wrong, for example: If mainstream discovers Taro Aso reads Rozen Maiden, mainstream will wonder what the hell Rozen Maiden is, and people (over the world, not necessarily just Japan) will either love it (and by extension, Shugo Chara will be more popular yay!) or hate it (oh gawd loli dolls Japan’s PM roricon domo me). It’s always not a good thing, you know. Can’t have your cake without a lie or two.

JLPT Season 2

By bluemist on August 15th, 2008

This season… the stakes are higher… well not exactly.

I’m aiming for the JLPT3 this coming December. After my little victory last year with JLPT4, I seem to have a measure of where I am now in the hopes of living the Japanese Dream (?). Why not level 2? That one is downright impossible right now. There is indeed a huge gap of skill between level 3 and 2, something which would be addressed by 2010 when the test format will be revised.

This won’t be as smooth a ride as last time. With me losing some of my knowledge and not being able to immerse myself in Japan during this past year, things will be tough without proper training. Any kind of entertainment (anime, manga, game, drama) won’t be enough. I should start reading textbooks, and hope to find someone to converse with in Japanese.

And this is one test I really want to pass, as this is related to my career path right now. I may have been airing some of my work complaints on Twitter, and to tell the truth, I want to resign and find a better job. I don’t know if attaining a bit more Japanese proficiency can help in my CV credentials, especially if the companies I’m applying to don’t care about that. But hopefully, this would say to employers that “this guy can achieve something”…

…or would it backfire? “This guy is an otaku.” lolz. Hope not.

Loli Technology

By bluemist on July 23rd, 2008

We now interrupt this anime program for some interesting developments in the tech world.

It seems that the trend nowadays is to make things “smaller”. Since I have a penchant for ‘small things’ (no pun intended [no rly]), I have been following various tech news and stuff rather closely these past weeks. Actually I’m in the market for new gadgets to fill gaps in my rather already-bloated collection. Before I start delving and salivating on cool and spicy tech gizmos, let me describe what I have right now:
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Akihabara Massacre

By bluemist on June 11th, 2008

My condolences to all the people affected by this incident.

People die everyday, but modern media tends to lean on the more controversial ones rather than focus on the needs of the hungry and war-torn in other parts of the world. I guess they were having a field day when this happened. After all, shock happens when it’s rare and one-in-a-million.

It’s a perfect recipe. Akihabara, massacre, otaku culture. Same thing with the US version. Columbine, massacre, video games. That’s two of my own hobbies there. So, in the “impossible” event that I freak out, get tired of life and start killing people on the streets, pundits will only need to refer to my non-conformities to find out what kind of person I am. Great.

Continue your idiocy you stereotyping, typecasting, racist people.

But by saying that, am I not the same stereotyping, typecasting, racist person? You throw stones at me, I throw stones too. What a fundamental problem in modern society. This kind of behavior can’t be helped, really. A hopeless case for someone who strives for peace in this world.

While other people would say that this story will just die out, I say never. It doesn’t deserve to die. Let the debates continue. Issues like discrimination should always be talked about. I am not a US citizen, but I like that you have a non-conformist guy to potentially be your President (please vote Obama).

I guess the Tragedy, Hope title would have been better applied to this story. Let me connect a bit of the Sakura factor in this one too. Remember, Sakura was different. She was eternally young. Wouldn’t that be an issue of discrimination/envy in their Da Capo world? We don’t see that in the games. I imagine that sometime between those 50 years, there came a time when people had become suspicious of Sakura. People may label her as a witch, deep inside feeling envious that she can never grow old… or not die at all even. But I also imagine at some point, people start seeing her beyond her physical appearance. As a person. As the same human being that they all are, despite the minor difference. Eventually they loved her, elected her as school principal, and possibly be a huge contributor in society. Her sakura magic research may even be more useful someday, and somehow people may trust her in searching for the truth in the magic. This is the hidden story that I wanted to believe. I hope society can learn from this too, accepting differences of other people instead of persecuting them. Maybe the Akihabara tragedy may have been avoided if the world, and all the people in it, were in a more open-minded state of being.

The Animeme Project

By bluemist on April 22nd, 2008


I figured that because lately I’ve been fascinated by the power of doujin works, mostly by watching random videos in idle time, I’d share to you some of them.
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JLPT Verdict

By bluemist on March 15th, 2008

My results are in, and…
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