The End

By bluemist on April 1st, 2014

I think it’s about time. This is the final. Thank you for all the years that we were together enjoying anime. You can still follow me @bluemist111

Until next time.


Posted By: Author On: April 02, 2014 At: 12:00 pm

Did you mean “finale”?

Posted By: bluemist On: April 02, 2014 At: 12:25 pm

Hmm I typed in “final post” there…

Anyway this is all April Fools, but lack of updates still tell otherwise anyway, life still goes on I guess.

Posted By: yessir On: April 27, 2014 At: 5:24 pm

thanks for the great walkthroughs. you gameplay writeups felt like i was actually playing the game myself. i appreciate all those time and effort you put into this blog. it’s been a year since i’ve dropped by, but i remembered this blog out of the “blue” !

i have grown out of the games and shounen genres, but the seinen and other novel works still piques my interest. i wish you the best, and i hope you do find time to continue in the future. when i’m less busy, i’ll come back to follow you again.

thank you for those years.