To Heart 2: Episode 11

By bluemist on December 27th, 2005

This is supposed to be the main plot of the entire series, but I only have few things to write about, really.

Game – Tamaki events
This episode is an anomaly. It completely put To Heart 2 into a different direction. It should be as expected, but one may wish it wouldn’t go this way. The success of the original To Heart and failure of To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ is how they treat this… the game called “love”.

Half of this episode deals on Tamaki trying to organize an event. What it is about is still a secret, but surely it would be fun, or so she says. She announces this first to Takaaki, Yuji and Konomi, and then proceeds to all the other girls Takaaki has associated with (with the sad exception of Ilfa). First she meets Manaka and Yuma, then Karin, the Himeyuri twins, and Ruuko. She gives some kind of invitation card or letter, seemingly formal. All the girls talk about how Takaaki is kind (Manaka), competitive (Yuma), obedient (Karin), rabu-rabu (Sango), hentai (Ruri) and special ou~ (you) #2 (Ruuko). Everyone promises to come by the Kousaka residence at the so-called event.

That afternoon, Tamaki meets with Takaaki by the riverside. They reminisce the good times, and Tamaki proceeds to laze a bit into Takaaki’s knee (an event from the game). Takaaki asks what kind of event it would be, will it be rugby or something? Tamaki answers back that no, coz they’re not kids anymore. “Yup… not kids anymore”, Tamaki repeats herself.

And so the day came, and everyone is in the Kousaka residence. The residence is quite traditional in itself, so they gather around the floor and kneel in a kind-of traditional Japanese way (sorry dunno about these stuff). Surprisingly… Tamaki appears wearing a kimono! Konomi is wearing one too. This is turning out to be more and more a traditional event. And so they’re talking about Takaaki, how he’s become a friend of each and every girl despite him not being comfortable with girls in general. Tamaki now bows… and here we go… speaks a formal greeting that indirectly announces her “engagement” with Takaaki!! Yes folks, she speaks as if she were Takaaki’s wife! Konomi shock! That was just for a second, but afterwards Konomi accepts the formal greeting.

Whoa! Shocker of the series! It’s a declaration of war from Tama-nee! So she gathers around all of Takaaki’s girlfriends and announces that she is his fiancee. Well, main girl Konomi won’t give up without a fight hopefully. What do you think? This is the start of something different. How will this end? It will be either good or tragic for To Heart 2 this time.

A little background on how the two To Heart series treated the love angle. The first To Heart completely sidetracked the issue in an instant, while implying that Akari indeed is still the main girl of the series. To Heart ~Remember my Memories~ gave a long and convoluted love triangle issue between Akari and Multi, one which is not so well done… plus considering that in the end Akari was jealous because of “nothing”. Miscommunication is the issue in RMM, but in To Heart, Akari and Shiho talked about it… and BAM! Issue resolved.

A love angle in To Heart 2 is all expected, but feared. It’s the same thing, Multi and Tamaki are the most popular characters in their respective franchises, leaving the real main girls behind. In anime, the fans can never decide who should be with who, but they sure as hell can in the games. The hardest part of converting bishoujo games into anime… the biases.

Iincho Forever! (hehe)

Next episode will be about Konomi.


Posted By: Wrathie On: December 28, 2005 At: 11:06 pm

Wad bugs me bout this epi. is tt after the declaration of war by Tama-nee was tt Konomi somewhat apologizes for erm… her always being in trouble frm her Onee-san? Need to check tt up.. but Tamaki nvr realli answered tt and after tt it juz ends.. so we dunno wth was the other girls reaction..

Posted By: sich On: January 09, 2007 At: 1:45 pm

… also strongly. There is on the other hand parquet floor float whose visible layer is true wood

Posted By: no matter What On: March 21, 2010 At: 11:09 pm

hahhahah bkt wala si takaki dya