To Heart 2: Episode 12

By bluemist on December 27th, 2005

Note: There was actually another episode that aired between this one and episode 11. It was a special recap episode though, so I didn’t count it in the numbering, for continuity sake.

It’s Konomi’s turn to complicate things! They’re clearly emphasizing the love angle now, and between the two main To Heart 2 girls, Konomi’s took a whole episode to develop it, while Tamaki’s was merely a shocker. This is the best animated To Heart 2 episode so far, and features a lot of cute close-ups of Konomi in all her emotions. She blushes, does her eheee~, stares, and even cries in this entire episode. I’m very impressed.

During the physical examinations for girls, Konomi leaves the clinic with an absolute smile. Looks like her “vital statistics” have improved over the year, and she can’t wait to show it to Takaaki. Unfortunately, she saw Takaaki being dragged along by Yuji and Sango to plan their double date at the amusement park.

Instead, she showed her results to her Tama-oneechan. Tamaki is impressed by how much Konomi has “grown”, and they try out a plan to ‘surprise’ Takaaki with it. One day, Konomi suddenly hops into Takaaki’s back! Takaaki is indifferent though, not noticing how much Konomi has grown. Konomi is quite upset.

One day, Konomi met with her friends Yochi and Charu, and relayed the good news (ooh never noticed before but the friends are quite sekushi themselves lol). The friends tease Konomi that it’s almost ‘spring’ (time for her to fall in love with someone)! Konomi doesn’t get it. Charu mentions Takaaki, and Konomi blushes in denial! Sooooo cute! Yochi now gives her 3-point lesson on how love blooms. I’m not sure if it goes like this: (1- you love the person 2-the person loves you 3-something happens!) Konomi blushes in denial again! Suddenly, they see Takaaki and Yuji along with the Himeyuri twins in their double date. Konomi is quite upset again.

At home, when her mother asks about Takaaki, Konomi immediately shrugs it off. She is starting to act weird. The next morning, Konomi is surprised to see Takaaki eating breakfast along with her mother. She realizes that she is wearing her pajamas, gets embarrased, and runs away!

She really acts weird, and Tamaki even notices it. Tamaki asks what is the problem, but Konomi can’t answer, because it involves Takaaki (plus there is that shocker fiancee announcement. She also remembers herself being upset when she saw Takaaki in the double date. Konomi can’t give a straight answer so Tamaki reacts by saying ‘springtime is nice’. Springtime moves the heart, as if something new is about to happen. Konomi is slowly getting it.

Afterwards, Konomi went home, and Takaaki is there again. Her mother says that she has things to do with a friend, and her father is not coming, so Takaaki will take care of Konomi and sleep over. She gets quite nervous and walks past him, but then he (finally) notices that indeed Konomi has grown a bit. This sent her blushing this time. Also at dinner, she blushes and gets embarrassed at all the things Takaaki does, so she stops eating and rushes back into her room. Takaaki asks if there’s something wrong, but Konomi says that it is nothing.

That night, Takaaki is sleeping at the sofa. Konomi placed a blanket on him. She stared at him for a while… and touched him. With her embarassment of that moment, she hit her knee somewhere, waking Takaaki. Konomi again says that there’s nothing wrong, and walks back to her room again. Finally, she got it. It’s springtime for her, and it’s trouble!

The next morning, Takaaki and Konomi walk together to school, but Konomi lagged behind. Takaaki meets Yuji, and eventually Yochi and Charu. Takaaki tries to find Konomi but she is nowhere. She’s actually behind a corner with Tamaki, listening in to a rather interesting conversation. Yochi asks Takaaki if him and Konomi have gotten real close, but Takaaki denies and defends. Yochi keeps pushing in the tease, until Takaaki says something obvious, but really devastating for Konomi.

Game – Konomi running away event.
“She is a close friend and just like a little sister.” This sends Konomi crying. Konomi knows that what Takaaki said was correct, but she now asks herself why she is crying. Konomi now runs away, and noticing that she has heard the conversation, Takaaki tries to shout back. Konomi runs and cries, asking herself why.

Awww… that was a good episode if I may say so. At first Konomi merely wants Takaaki to know about how much she has grown, but in the end she fell madly in love as if it’s springtime! I must say that I had doubts of To Heart 2 adding up the love angle, but with the way this is presented, it feels better than even the first two To Heart anime. With Konomi and Tamaki giving their own declaration of war, it will be pretty exciting to see how Takaaki resolves and decides upon this.

And as fitting as it is, it is Takaaki himself who gets episode focus in the last episode. Final episode coming soon!


Posted By: Pikawil On: December 28, 2005 At: 1:54 am

No Yuki?

*reveals the truth ’bout Padme to Vader, sends Mufasa down into the stampede and bombards CNN*


Posted By: dsong On: December 28, 2005 At: 10:19 am

Choose Tamaki, PLEASE…

Something tells me I’m just setting myself up for disappointment…

Posted By: Wrathie On: December 28, 2005 At: 2:28 pm

Seems that u watched further then me..
But the special edition was kinda funny but I wished that they showed it be4 Episode 11… coz Tamaki in the special edition DID hint somesort of affection for Takaki

Posted By: Midori ryu On: December 28, 2005 At: 9:34 pm

I hope it’s a Konomi ending.
I really hope they don’t do the whole open ending crap like so many other series

Posted By: Wrathie On: December 28, 2005 At: 11:00 pm

BTW:Yochi and Charu’s 3 step is…
1st: U like/love the Person
2nd: the person like/love u back
3rd: Push from persons around u
Something like tt =P if my translation is not half bad.. =x

Posted By: Midori ryu On: December 29, 2005 At: 12:09 am

Hey Blue Mist
any chance on a date for the adding of episode 13 to the blog?

Posted By: Midori Ryu On: January 03, 2006 At: 5:40 am

Is there going to even be an episode 13?
Because I did not see it on any tv listings on the net
When is it being aired?