To Heart 2: Episode 13 (Final)

By bluemist on January 4th, 2006

Final Episode!

Last episode looked much better than this one, which is a shame because this is the final episode. In any case… hmm what can I say? This is a wrap-up similar to the first To Heart series in which, if you are one of those viewers who expect a definite conclusion in an anime finale, you would be in for a disappointment. Yep folks, we don’t have love blooming here in To Heart 2.

And another aspect of this finale is an anomaly. Some new character was introduced! A new character appeared… in this final episode. How’s that for a shocker? That really made me think whether they are gonna follow up this series for a second season, because it was really the wrong time to introduce that character, no matter how you look at it.

Following up from the last episode, we see Konomi run away. Takaaki tried to chase after her, but Tamaki stopped him, saying that he still doesn’t know what to say. One day, he was thinking about it while idling around at his house, when Yuji called up and offered him to go shopping for their upcoming school field trip. He was about to leave, but then he overhears Konomi talking to her dog Genjimaru while taking a walk, so he hesitated to go outside for a while.

While shopping, Takaaki answered to Yuji that he has still not talked with Konomi yet. Manaka and Yuma arrived. Yuma does her usual angst toward Takaaki, but it seems that Takaaki is quite different today with the way he reacts. Yuji told the girls that Takaaki made his female childhood friend cry. Manaka answered that she probably knows who that person is, and suggests that staying the same would be the best for now. Takaaki felt clueless with that suggestion, but Yuji explained that Takaaki should pick Konomi up at her home tomorrow morning, like the usual.

At home, Takaaki’s mother called, and suddenly asked him about leaving the house and transferring to his parents. This surprised Takaaki, but the mother asked him to think about it. He remembers a similar situation in the past. This young girl (which is evidently Yuki) said that her parents are already divorced, and so she will transfer somewhere else. She is sad that she can’t be with Takaaki anymore, and cries. She wanted to always be with Takaaki.

The next morning, Takaaki went to the Yuzuhara residence, but then Konomi has already left. With many problems in mind, Takaaki is quite moody at school. Ruuko notices it, and says that he is not the same today. Even Manaka shouted at him because he is not paying attention. During a break, he tried to look for Konomi, but then got sidetracked by meeting up with the Himeyuri twins and Karin. After class, he tried to leave but then Manaka said he still had something to fill up. Yuji knows he is in a hurry to talk to Konomi, so Yuji offered to do it instead. Takaaki ran and checked Konomi’s locker, but she’s already left. Takaaki went outside to the gate, Konomi was not there, but Tamaki was.

Takaaki said that he still doesn’t know what to say, but he wants to see and talk to Konomi nevertheless. Aside from that, he also ponders on what his mother said, about leaving the town. Tamaki asks if he would feel lonely in doing that, if he would miss Konomi. Takaaki realized that it’s the same question he faced with Yuki long ago. Tamaki slapped some sense into him, telling him to talk to Konomi so that the past will not be repeated again. Takaaki thanked her and ran off to find Konomi again. He went to the Yuzuhara residence, but then Konomi’s mother said that Konomi walked the dog. Takaaki ran again, searching everywhere, and found her in the riverside.

Konomi tried to walk away, but at one point the dog Genjimaru refused to walk, so Takaaki caught up. Konomi explained that the day she suddenly cried, she didn’t understand why (huh?) and didn’t know what to do, and so she ran away. Takaaki suddenly laughed, because these past few days he’s been doing the same thing. They exchanged lots of apologies to each other. And so I guess their petty problem is okay now?

As they walk home, they talk about how next year the cherry blossoms will bloom again. Takaaki had some doubt about it (because of his parents’ offer), but Konomi says that she will always be here for him. In deciding that he will stay put instead of transferring to his parents, Takaaki said that it would be nice seeing cherry blossoms bloom again, together with Konomi. Konomi agrees. And they blabber around the field trip stuff, etc…

And finally, the next morning, they go together to school. THE END.

What can I say? Awesome sidetracking of the love angle? Bad ending? Tamaki still not getting enough screentime? In whatever way you put it, this ending keeps things wide open. Takaaki belongs to no To Heart 2 girl. We still realize though that Konomi is indeed the main star of this series, and even though love did not bloom between her and Takaaki, at least things stay pretty much the same.

So watch out for To Heart 2 ~Remember my Memories~ coming soon! <- just a joke So Yuki got some screentime, albeit it's only young Yuki who did. Cute nonetheless. After seeing her, I was half-hoping Sasara and Marianne would also appear as a cameo, but they didn't, boo. Overall, the 13 episodes are not nearly enough. More of my final thoughts when I post a review of To Heart 2 soon.


Posted By: nuova On: January 04, 2006 At: 11:24 pm

you’re an avid fan of animes! that’s cool.

Posted By: suguru On: January 05, 2006 At: 10:32 am

Sad to hear they didn’t give it a conclusive ending, but I guess that does set it up for To Heart 2 RMM ^_^ Thanks for the reviews, your summaries are excellent as always.

Posted By: dsong On: January 05, 2006 At: 3:54 pm

Is Taka-bou, like, insane?

Jump into Tama-nee’s arms, you idiot! The end.

Posted By: Pikawil On: January 15, 2006 At: 10:32 am

“So watch out for To Heart 2 ~Remember my Memories~ coming soon!

Posted By: dsong On: January 16, 2006 At: 3:00 pm

Hopefully Takaki will remember the promise he made to Tamaki…

Posted By: Greendragon On: January 29, 2006 At: 2:27 am

are you guys mad Takaki choose Konomi (r u mad man?)
DO IT! \ /

Posted By: Kagura On: March 06, 2006 At: 7:28 am

Takaaki must end up with tamaki—-he MUST! but i guess i wouldn’t be to shocked if he ended up with konomi….all the girls are so close to Takaki….i dont think he realizes it too well,but tamaki didnt geet enough screen time at all!Takaki—CHOOSE TAMAKI! oh and at least we got to see some of yuki…not enough though

Posted By: Dave On: March 08, 2006 At: 8:21 am

Takaki fits prefectly well with Konomi I’m serious. Tamaki is too serious for him. And plus Konomi is super sweet and nice just like Takaki =]

Posted By: dsong On: April 11, 2006 At: 9:45 am

It’s interesting to note that Tamaki, not Konomi, was his childhood sweetheart – a bit of a twist, if you ask me.

I personally thought Tamaki was the only really memorable character in the anime, and the only person who is really capable of getting Takaki out of his “geekiness” phase. Too bad Takaki doesn’t come to his senses. Maybe a few years down the road?

Posted By: Reno On: July 30, 2006 At: 8:44 am

well if ithey do make a season 2 we all know that theres gonna be only 2 maybe 3 ways it could go Konomi,Tamaki(I hope it is)Or yuki(least likely)

Posted By: Rippler On: August 16, 2006 At: 12:36 pm

Hmm.. i watched episodes 1-11 on youtube but I have no idea where i’ll find the other 2. Anyone know where I might find epsides 12 and 13? oh yes and this series is one of the best i’ve watched even if it is only 13 episodes. All i have to say is Takaki you lucky guy! Hopefully he will go for Tamaki Kousaka..

Posted By: Lumi On: September 03, 2006 At: 5:47 am

choosee konomi shes sweet // tamaki is too mature xD

Posted By: I though... On: September 13, 2006 At: 1:39 am

Yuuji will be for Konomi? :/

Posted By: dsong On: September 21, 2006 At: 5:29 am

Personality-wise, the girl best suited for Takaki actually seems to be Manaka… not sure about her chances, however.

Posted By: RedFox On: January 16, 2007 At: 12:18 pm

I dont care who ends up wif who right now I just wanner no when the next season comes out T_T

Posted By: tsukasa On: March 05, 2008 At: 11:58 pm

watch this if you like anime romance

Posted By: dfgfdg On: February 16, 2009 At: 9:58 am

ermm… okej…
the ending were okej but it were a bit otherwise…
and btw… in the OVA u can see 3 other girls.. the school presidet. hers friend and taka-bou’s class rep sister =P they havn’t showed up in the anime…… so why are they in the OVA? or are there more episodes than just 13?

Posted By: clowreed On: February 16, 2009 At: 10:02 am

And btw.. what happend with the school trip??
im dfgdfg -.-

Posted By: no matter What On: March 21, 2010 At: 11:07 pm

hahahha ang galing ang cute