To Heart 2: Episode 5

By bluemist on November 2nd, 2005

Fifth episode!

Tamago-sand get-to!

Game – Karin events
I have a special affinity to Karin, who is probably the least popular To Heart 2 girl of all. That is because after completing Konomi, I finished Karin afterwards. That, and maybe because I love eating fried eggs for breakfast. Karin loves egg sandwiches.

Game – Encounter
As I noticed, there is no definite timeline for each episode. We see here the same scene as in Manaka’s episode, except that it is seen from Karin’s viewpoint. She sees Takaaki as a potential target for her Mystery Club, which has… er… only her as the sole member. And so she schemed to bump into Takaaki and make him sign club registration papers. Mission successful.

Game – The blackmail
Game – Mystery Club planning
Meeting Karin in the gym backroom, Takaaki tries to back out, but she does her drama performance act again. He’s now unconvinced, but then this ‘accident’ happened. He stumbles on top of her! Another supposed-to-be fanservice scene that isn’t too vulgar or anything. In fact, Karin takes the classic cliche one step further. Instead of merely screaming for help or punching the guy, she used it as blackmail! Better agree to join the club Takaaki, or you’ll be the talk of the campus for sexual harassment! Mission successful… again.

Karin also meets Konomi, and tries to make her join the club too, but Takaaki interjects at the right moment. Konomi seems more interested. Oh by the way, Mystery Club doesn’t seem to be the correct name for a club which focuses on the supernatural (UFOs, etc.), but Karin named it like that in the hopes of garnering more members, which she didn’t.

So they set a date to scan the nearby forest for UFO or UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal). She uses her self-engineered UFO detector to somehow detect something. After some hours of no progress, they stop for a egg sandwich picnic. Takaaki was surprised that Karin makes her own food. You see, everytime Karin gets told that she is quite ‘different’, she has a momentary silence and sadness on her face. And here is Takaaki wondering about his own difference (the not-good-with girls-part). Suddenly, the UFO detector senses something, and so Karin rushes blindly into the woods to find it!

They’re completely lost in the deep woods. Karin apologizes. She now tells of her problem. It seems that she is quite alone because she still believes UFOs and stuff like that. While she had childhood friends who join in on her UFO hunting at first, after some years, the friends now criticize her in being childish for still believing in it. She said that though her body has grown her head didn’t, so that’s why many people see her as quite ‘different’. Suddenly again, the UFO detector senses something, and they saw a very faint light! She runs with all her might in trying to prove that UFOs do exist!

While they didn’t find the UFO, Karin believed that the UFO saved them… because they ran into a clear forest path to home! Karin’s so happy! Takaaki agrees to stay with the Mystery Club from now on, coz it’s quite interesting. That is, until Karin said that the next event is UFO calling.

It’s Multi! Well… almost. It’s Aoi-chan! Well… almost. Things are gearing up for Lucy Maria Misora, as we see her alien-like crop circles during this episode. See you next episode… ruu~!


Posted By: cyw1988 On: November 02, 2005 At: 11:47 pm

hmm karin is not so bad after all… so far i haven’t found a TH2 girl that i trully dislike yet… in short, i like all of them hwahahah! keep up the good work bluemist!! 😀

Posted By: Pikawil On: November 04, 2005 At: 9:06 am

Crop circles? OH NOES!!! Better call Dib (Invader Zim) for such a horror!

Besides, kill me for that but I think Dib x Karin would make a great couple. *shot* Not only do they have similiar occupations, but they are also tragic characters (Karin is the least popular TH2 girl whereas Dib is considered crazy/stupid by nearly everyone in his own world and as such is rejected…)

Posted By: Meneko On: March 06, 2006 At: 6:38 am

karin to me LOOKS like she could be one of the fan gilrs from fruit basket,i dont blame her for being into UFOs cuz they’re pretty kewl soundin…..not like i believe in them

Posted By: no matter What On: March 21, 2010 At: 11:15 pm

karin Hindi Totoo Ang UFO ehheheheheh