To Heart 2: Episode 6

By bluemist on November 8th, 2005

Sixth episode!


Game – Lucy events
Lucy a.k.a. Ruuko’s episode was quite interesting considering how the anime was set up to be thematic rather than chronological. We already saw Ruuko in episode 3, and her crop circles in episode 5. It’s like mysteries getting solved one by one. Not that it’s really that mysterious though, but the way it adds up in your mind makes the whole series quite coherent.

Takaaki meets Ruuko lying in the ground weak, apparently hungry. He gave her some food. Initially she talks in this erratic robot or alien talk, but she “adjusted” herself to talk Japanese. Ruuko is quite thankful for the food (though most of which had gone to the hungry cat nearby), so she gave him… a safety match? Anyway, the next day Takaaki saw her in the school. Ruuko said she has transferred, and in her classic sarcasm mode: “yorokobe, ou~”, meaning Takaaki should be happy that Ruuko is now his classmate.

By the way, if Yuma was all about finger-pointing, Ruuko is all about raising the hands! She introduces herself as Ruuko Kirei na Sora to the class, and sits next to Takaaki.

From the get-go, Ruuko always talks about how she is not from this world, but Takaaki doesn’t seem to believe. But heck is she different. In the canteen, she tries to buy Takaaki food, but paying with safety matches again! Hmm… is it their currency or something? She also writes in crazy hieroglyphics, the same event she was seen back in Manaka’s episode. Despite her sarcasm in speaking, Ruuko is a very good-natured person. After all, she transferred into Takaaki’s school just because he saved her from hunger back then.

One day, some commotion is happening in the school grounds. It’s Ruuko drawing crop circles! She says that she was trying to communicate or something. Takaaki tries to cover up with the teacher. Afterwards, Ruuko says that someone is picking her up pretty soon. Takaaki says that he still doesn’t believe that Ruuko is an alien, but Ruuko tells him that seeing is believing.

On that note, Karin is quite interested, so she tries to order her “slave” to investigate Ruuko, or else

Takaaki stalks Ruuko for a while but he gets noticed. It seems that she is buying stuff from the local market and cooking at the playgrounds. Her companion is the cat. Lucky cat, eating fried fish. One day, Karin orders Takaaki to put some UFO detector collar on the cat, so that they can somehow detect for any alien activity around Ruuko. Takaaki tries to refuse again but I guess the blackmail still works, poor slave. And so he chased down the cat, but seeing Ruuko, the cat accidentally falls into the river! Takaaki tries to save the cat, but fails. Ruuko now raises her hands again, and it summons a thundercloud! Lightning strikes a nearby tree, making it fall into the river, and with that the cat was saved! Karin’s gadget detects a signal, and Takaaki realizes that Ruuko may really be an alien (seeing is believing). Despite it being partly his fault, Ruuko still praises Takaaki for his effort in saving the cat.

This may indicate that Ruuko will really have another episode, because there are still more interesting events yet to happen. What’s also nice is that Tamaki, Konomi, Karin, and Manaka appeared in this episode in one way or another, the biggest attendance so far (where is Yuma?).

Konomi gets her second episode next week, but it seems that it may incorporate Karin and Ruuko again. Konomi talks about joining the Mystery Club, and interestingly, the title of the episode is UFO. Hmm… it may be an anime-original or it would mix up stuff from various scenarios. This will be interesting to see.


Posted By: Bianca On: August 21, 2007 At: 12:04 am

Where can I watch the episode?
I’ve been searching on YouTube, but when I type in ‘to heart 2’, I only see these ‘kingdom hearts’ episode crap.

So, I really wanna see it. Please! xD

Posted By: ikatlong Shinigami On: November 19, 2009 At: 2:21 pm

ok pala to si lucy pala ang cute nga