To Heart 2: Episode 8

By bluemist on November 23rd, 2005

Eighth episode!

Game – Sango and Ruri events
This is so far one of the most faithful scenario renditions of the original game. Maybe that’s because you can’t have it any other way. The only caveat is that the character animation just can’t express Ruri good enough. The seiyuu for Ruri is so expressive in terms of angst the animation can’t keep up with it. Oh, and we have to wait for the next episode because this will seem to be a two-parter.

Sango sees a cat (Ruuko’s adopted cat) scared up a wall. She climbs the wall and tries to save it. In turn, she’s the one stuck and scared on top of the wall. Takaaki just happened to walk by, and tries to help by calling someone (his anti-girl syndrome kicking in) but instead Sango jumps and falls into him. She gets quite paralyzed, and so Takaaki offers to carry her to school on his back. Later, she tells this to her twin sister Yuri, who immediately accuses the guy for being… er… a pervert. She addresses him to all kinds of “pervert” that you could say in the Japanese vocabulary… amazing.

Anyway, Sango tries to find Takaaki again at school. She saw him at the canteen, being taken to the guidance room for causing ruckus, which actually was Ruri’s fault. Still confused with the twins, Takaaki saw Sango again after that, who is so sweet and kind as opposed to the one (Ruri) he saw at the canteen. Ruri now arrives with a bang, and that erases Takaaki’s confusion. Sango thanks him for his help earlier, and seeing that he’s really a nice person, Sango kisses Takaaki! Sango in rabu-rabu suki-suki mode! Ruri just won’t accept that of course, and deals Takaaki with a “fatal blow” in the groin! Ouch.

From there, Sango now meets Takaaki every morning. Ruri now hits Takaaki with her bag every morning too. Everytime Sango meets Takaaki, Ruri is there with angry eyes.

In the computer room, Sango shows that she is a master robot programmer. Her plushies are actually moving, and there was this teddy bear that she calls Micchan. Afterwards, Ruri arrives with yet another bag hit to Takaaki.

The anime touches on their main storyline a bit, as Sango tries to convince Ruri to be Takaaki’s friend. She just won’t accept him, and she doesn’t need friends as long as she has her sister Sango. The next morning, Takaaki doesn’t seem to be feeling well, and skipped school, so Sango goes to his house to check. Of course Ruri gets dragged along. Seeing that Takaaki is just fine, Sango thinks about whether to go back to school or not. Ruri says that whatever her sister wants, she’ll agree. Everything is for Sango. Takaaki spoils their heart-to-heart talk by his hungry stomach, so Sango asks Ruri to cook for him. Unfortunately (or maybe purposely), the food turned out bad. Takaaki pretends that it’s good. Sango wanted to try it out, but Ruri and Takaaki refused. Takaaki ate the bad food right away. Ruri was quite touched by his effort to protect Sango, and says “thank you” to him.

At their home, Sango says that it’s nice that Ruri is slowly becoming friends with Takaaki. She also surprisingly said that she won’t need to be always with Sango anymore. I guess Sango is quite worried too about letting Ruri have space for friends because the twins have been together for so long. Even though Sango was the one trying to make friends for Ruri (more on that maybe next episode).

Sango trying to distance herself affected Ruri a lot, and so the next day she set her anger on Takaaki, aiming at him with a strong water gun. Sango tried to stop Ruri, and turned into a seemingly petty fight between the sisters. But Ruri suddenly cried and ran away, saying that Sango doesn’t understand anything.

Here folks is the most serious plot in To Heart 2 so far, which is… a petty fight of twins. While it still seems lighthearted, it gets quite serious in terms of how the twins live. They actually live alone, away from parents. They do not have too many friends too, and that’s mostly because the two are looking out after each other too often. Next episode is still about them, and I’m hoping that Ilfa (the new HMX robot) will show up to spice things up.


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