To Heart 2: Episode 9

By bluemist on November 29th, 2005

Ninth episode.

Game – Sango and Ruri events
Carrying over from last episode, this one is faithful again to its original game. There’s a catch though. This is the WORST animated To Heart 2 episode yet. I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Why oh why haven’t they learned from their animation mistakes and triumphs? I dunno about the industry, but this game company should have done better in giving their animation project to a quality studio. Oh well, DVD version here I come.

Ruri is sulking at her room because of the fight she instigated with Takaaki, and eventually with Sango. Sango tries to make up by buying Ruri her favorite food, but she doesn’t answer back when called. Ruri ate it anyway, and while Sango is sleeping, wonders why Sango kissed Takaaki. Obviously she’s jealous, but not because she likes Takaaki.

Sisterly tension is still up while they were in a physical examination the next day. The doctor said that Ruri might have gained some weight, so she didn’t eat lunch. At the roof, Sango invites Ruri to the amusement park. Actually it was Yuji’s idea, and so despite Ruri’s rabid “NO! NO! NO!” she would still join because Sango likes to go. And so off they go! Yuji and Sango seems to have fun trying out the various rides, while Takaaki tends to Ruri who gets forced into it despite her being scared and weary of all those rides. Even with all the kindness Takaaki gives to Ruri, she’s still antagonistic towards him.

They enter a haunted house. Ruri is quite scared, and clings on to Takaaki, until some ‘ghost’ gave her a REAL SCARE. This injured Ruri, so it’s her turn to be carried by Takaaki. Sango teases Ruri, but Ruri still denies and hates Takaaki even more. The twins are really focused on Takaaki, Yuji is quite envious.

Sango saw a penguin plushie in the UFO Catcher machine. Apparently she likes penguins, and so Yuji offers to get one. In the end though they weren’t lucky, and so they go to the shopping center to find a penguin plushie. None either. Seeing that her sister really wants one, Ruri runs away secretly and goes back to the UFO Catcher machine. She spent all her money on it, but she got nothing. Takaaki appeared and said they were worried. Ruri started to blurt out her feelings, saying that she really loves her sister, and everyone else who loves her is an enemy. Takaaki understands, and proceeded to slip himself out of that situation by changing topic, that is, UFO Catcher!

Finally getting a penguin plushie from the machine, Takaaki gives it to Ruri, even though she thinks it’s pointless because it’s not her win. Yuji and Sango arrive, and Ruri gave the plushie. But Sango actually planned that the penguin is for Ruri, because Sango promised to make a lot of friends for Ruri. Ruri is touched and cries in Sango’s arms. The twins rift is over, because they are all rabu-rabu suki-suki… for now at least.

Next episode will be interesting. The episode will be about HMX-17a Ilfa! Ilfa is not a winnable character in the game, and so maybe this would still be Sango and Ruri’s scenario from a different point of view.


Posted By: dsong On: November 30, 2005 At: 10:46 am

1 episode devoted to Konomi, 1 for Tamaki, and 3 on the twins?! Something’s a bit off here…

Posted By: Pikawil On: December 01, 2005 At: 7:55 am

I have a bad feeling about this… Where’s that freaking Yuuki?

On a concidental side-note, I’ve heard that in Kingdom Hearts 2, Lucy’s VA will voice Fujin, who will be called Fuu. Ruu? Fuu? Smell something? Look even further.

Kingdom HEARTS 2? To HEART 2?
3 episodes on the twins?!?! Chicken Little as a summon!??!
Ayako Kawasumi and Yui Horie in the SAME anime!?!? (Wait, wrong one.) James Woods, James Earl Jones and Johnny Depp in the SAME game?!?!?


Posted By: Marlin On: December 02, 2005 At: 4:41 am

Is it possible for AnimeVision or anyone to provide actual script translations of To Heart 2? I’m thinking of fansubbing this series because nobody seems to be up to the task at the moment and I’m getting angry. E-mail me at . Thanks. I can’t translate, but I’m good with video stuffs.

Posted By: lyoko On: December 24, 2005 At: 12:48 am

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