To Heart 2: Alternate Ending

By bluemist on April 27th, 2004

I see her as a childhood friend.

Tamaki “How about it?”

After explaining that she’s really just a childhood friend…

Tamaki “I see…”

Tamaki “If that’s that, just sit back here. I said a while ago. Because of your kindness, Konomi was just hurt a bit.”

Tamaki “Don’t worry, I will go to where Konomi is, just leave it to me.”

I tried to reason out that it may be better that I’ll go instead.

I think she agreed.

So we ran everywhere, until we found Konomi in front of her house, tending Genjimaru.

Konomi “Hey, what’s wrong Genjimaru?”

Konomi “Hey stand up. Let’s go for a walk.”

Konomi sees me.


We go for a walk instead.

Konomi “Sorry about earlier, when I went home suddenly.”

Konomi “Anyway, Genjimaru is cruel, even though I said to have a walk, he doesn’t want.”

Whatever I said made her a bit happy this time. Maybe I was explaining about the event at the cafe.

Konomi “Is what you said true?”

Konomi “Taka-kun, do you know…”

I may be telling her that I don’t like her as a girl right now. But I like her as a childhood friend and that’s a given.

Konomi “Maybe not now… it’s okay. But, someday I’ll be more beautiful, and I’ll make you like me.”

Konomi “I like you Taka-kun. More than anyone, I like you.”

Konomi “This feeling, I won’t lose to anyone.”

Konomi “But Taka-kun, you may see Tama-oneechan as more special.”


Tamaki “Ara, I won’t intend to lose either…”

Konomi “Sorry, Tama-oneechan, we got lost a little bit.”

Tamaki “Well then, Konomi. Whomever Taka-kun picks, whether we win or lose, no regrets… ok?

Konomi “Ok. Even if you’re my opponent Tama-oneechan, I won’t lose.”

Tamaki “Yup, as I wanted.”

(Something tells me that Takaki is gathering his harem)

What the heck are you guys talking about?

Tamaki “You haven’t noticed?”

Tamaki “I like you too. I knew you won’t notice. Hah, that’s that.”

Anyway they put their arms around me, and we’re side-by-side close together.

Chie “Whoaaaaaah… Something’s big happening over here…”

Michiru “FBI vs. KGB… Aliens coming over in summer. Next Comipa theme is SF.”

Yuji “Ahh futile. I told you not to regret.”

Yuji “Huh? This is not supposed to be?”

Tamaki “This Golden Week, maybe we can go play somewhere… Taka-bou’s treat.”

Why me?

Konomi “Really? Then… is the amusement park ok?”

Tamaki “Ok, it’s fine. First, the amusement park, then maybe onsen is ok too.”

Konomi “Maybe Tama-oneechan wants to join my sleep over at your house too.”

Tamaki “Ara, it’s ok with you?”

Konomi “Yup… I wanna learn some cooking from you…”

I wanna get out of this mess.

Both “Refused.”

(It’s a nightmare! This is a harem To Heart 2 ending!!!)