To Heart 2: April 10

By bluemist on April 10th, 2004

Konomi seems to do morning exercises.

“More and more, I want to big like Tama-oneechan.”

“Yup, I wanna be like Tama-oneechan.”

We meet with Tamaki, going to school.

(After class)
Went to floor of the freshmen, met with Konomi.

Seems to be in a good mood again.

(Shopping district)
Still good mood, humming a song…

“Hey hey, Taka-kun”

“Wanna know why I’m happy?”


She was talking about her medical exams (school always does this regularly, mostly physical exams examining their height, weight, and 3-sizes)

It seems she is a bit taller now.

Well, she embraced me, and apparently I’m now carrying her on my back.

“Ah, you don’t believe me do you?”

“It’s true! I really grew up!”

Choice: I commented about her being lighter.

“I didn’t lose weight though, maybe Taka-kun is stronger than before…”

Isn’t it time you let go of me?

“Just a little more, until we get home perhaps?”


“Ehh~ why?”

You’re already big.

“Then I’ll stay like a kid.”