To Heart 2: April 12

By bluemist on April 12th, 2004

Konomi asks me if I always eat just bread for lunch…

She was thinking if we could have lunch together.

Tamaki will join too, to Yuji’s and my disappointment.

Tamaki “Yuji and Taka-bou’s reaction, it worries me.”

We meet Konomi in one of the halls. Looks like Tamaki isn’t around yet.

At the canteen…

Konomi “Ahhaha… so many people”

Tamaki appears and…

Tamaki offers to buy lunch while we find a place to eat, which is…

Yuji says that canteen is always that full.

We eat just bread everyday, and Yuji seems to be boastful about his bread-buying skills (apparently in bishoujo game schools bread is hard to buy.)

Well he’s boastful…

Konomi and Tamaki offers to just prepare obentou (packed lunch) for all.

They are trying to make me choose. Will Konomi make my obentou? Or Tamaki?

I seem to choose Konomi (well of course).

“Do you have any request? Hamburger? Spagetti?”

(After class)
While I’m walking… I suddenly bumped into…

Karin Sasamori! (It’s been a long while since I’ve seen another To Heart 2 girl)

Seems like she has an announcement to make in our class.

She seems to be promoting her club… and she has some questionaire.

“Thank you very much!”

Yuji reacts…

(The entirely complex Japanese conversation escapes me. Not only did I not get what Karin’s club is, or what is her purpose for the questionaire, I also did not understand Yuji’s entire long reaction.)

Let’s just put it this way, maybe I was tricked into joining her club… not that it’s important anyway, I won’t join in anyway. (It’s not the Karin scenario anyway)

Meet with Konomi.

Konomi tells about a classmate who thinks Genjimaru (her dog) is a weird dog.

Also talks about how Genjimaru was tended by Tamaki back in the days. Apparently Genjimaru was owned by Tamaki when she was young.

Konomi does the jumping thing again.

“Look at me ok?”

Well she falls again.

I’m quite worried.

“Are you angry?”


“I can’t be like Tama-oneechan” (implying Tamaki’s power)