To Heart 2: April 13

By bluemist on April 13th, 2004

(Konomi’s house)
I wait…

“Let’s go.”

Something’s wrong here…


Wrong uniform.




Oh it’s Konomi.

Tamaki suggested the -sempai thing to Konomi, but it sounds weird.

“I knew calling Taka-kun ‘Taka-kun’ is better…”

Bell rings, so we go back to our own classes.

Lunch at the roof again.

“Eheee~ look look. Today’s lunch is Tonkatsu-bento!” (breaded pork)

Yup, Konomi made some for me, thanks.

“You’re welcome”

Tamaki opens hers, it’s quite a feast according to Konomi.


The usual “oishii” conversations.

Tamaki “Yuji, don’t speak while your mouth is full”

Konomi tastes Tamaki’s bento… “Oishii”

Konomi “Tama-oneechan, you’re great. Cause you’re tall, beautiful, has your own style, can study hard, and even cooking very delicious food…”

Tamaki “Thank you, but Konomi… I’m 2 years older than you. In 2 years, you might do better than me.”

Tamaki “And, since childhood I’m already making my own food, maybe that’s why…”

Tamaki “Konomi too, you can cook all by yourself eventually”

Apparently Konomi still needs help from her mother in cooking food.

Konomi “Can I cook delicious food just like Tama-oneechan?”

Tamaki “Yup, you’ll be alright. Food just needs to be prepared from the heart…” (It’s like the thought that counts)

Yuji “Yup, from the heart.” while probably stealing some food from Tamaki.

Konomi “Yup, I’ve decided.”

Decided what? I ask.

Konomi “Eheee~~ It’s nothing.”

(After class)
Manaka appears.

The teacher seems to be happy about me… is this related to the Karin incident a while back?

Manaka seems to imply that me having a club, is quite nice.

Well I tell them that I’m not interested, I was just tricked into it.

But I seem to be a hurry going to it. Probably I will be scolded by the teacher if I don’t go.

I try to find the room…

“Welcome to the Mystery Club!”

I see! Mystery Club!

“I’m Mystery Club president Sasamori Karin!”

“And you are 1st member Kono Takaki-kun!” (This is the first time I understood that Takaki’s last name is Kono.)

“Hmm… how will I address you? Kono-kun? Takaki-kun? Hmm… something’s different…”

“Kono-kun, how would you like to be addressed?”

“Okay, then… Taka-chan!” (childish honorific)

“Call me any way you like, but, kaichou (president) seems a bit embarrassing…”

Whoa, she seems to be telling weird stories about me, about how much I wanted to join the club, a big fat misunderstanding I think.

“And then… your eyes gazed towards me… with tears in your eyes, saying thank you very much over and over…”


“Taka-chan, are you really not interested in mystery?” (maybe, if I’ll play your scenario next time)


“Not a bit?”

“Not a teeny weeny bit?”

“Not a tiny tiny bit?”

“Not even when you were a kid?”



But still no.

“You know, I really need a member. Can’t you just hang around here?”


Karin starts to cry… (awww… wanna play Karin scenario next?)

“You know, Mystery Club used to be my own middle school club…”

“That’s why I wanted it to be carried over now to high school…”

“That’s why, if you don’t join in… Mystery Club will end before it even begins…”

“Just when I was trying so hard convincing the teachers…”


Well I guess I started changing my mind…

“Yatta!! Arigatou!!”

Hmm… Karin started talking about the club… I thought it’s about mystery studies, purely textbook-based.

“ch, ch, ch, nope you are mistaken Taka-chan”

“Maybe outdoor…”

Well I think I have to go now.

“Okay, so then I’ll inform the teachers…”

Still, I try to make arrangements to Karin, I’m still not interested, I’m just gonna help out on her club. Karin is not impressed.

Suddenly, I think the lights went out and we got surprised, and…

“Taka-chan… you… touched me…”

“Nee, Taka-chan, suppose I scream “HELP MEEEEE!!!” with a loud voice right now… Taka-chan, will you bear the responsibility?”

“Join the Mystery Club ok? Taka-chan.”

Oh no, she now has an ‘event’ to blackmail me into joining the club. (And here I thought only harem male leads fall into girls…)

“And… as Mystery Club president, you must do as I say…”

What if I can’t do it?

“Well, if you can do it, do it.”

“What’s wrong Taka-chan? You seem pale.”

“Ok then, I’m going, club’s dismissed for now.”

Blackmail. Clear blackmail. (That was funny!)

I ask myself what book to bring for tomorrow. Thinking along the lines of Konomi needing a cookbook, Mystery Club’s Karin may need a science book, etc.

Choice: Cookbook.

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