To Heart 2: April 14

By bluemist on April 14th, 2004

Karin saw me.

I try to avoid her by trying to find something.

I meet with Yuji, and ask what am I doing. Maybe I’m weird trying to run away.


Seems like Konomi failed a bit in today’s cooking. A bit too spicy maybe.

Tamaki gave some bit of tips.

Yuji’s usual sarcasm ends up this way.

I start leaving but Konomi asks to wait for her a little bit.

I wait a bit outside the school. Yuji sees me and hangs out for a bit.

We seem to play some kind of challenge game… “chienowa”?? Whoever loses gets to

treat the winner to a snack.

(This seems to be a puzzle ring toy, you play by trying to disassemble connected

metallic rings and stuff… arrgh I’m not sure.)

Konomi and Tamaki arrive, and seem to be interested too.

Choice: I give to Konomi.

Yuji comments on how impossible it will be for Konomi to win the game… until…


Konomi “It disassembled.”

Yuji “What the heck???”

Konomi “Ehee~~”

Yuji “Yea, so let’s stop playing this boring game and go home okay?”

Tamaki “Hmm… so whoever loses treats us a snack right?”

Tamaki “Thanks Yuji.”

Konomi “Thanks Yuu-kun.”

Yuji “Hey, why in this place?” (apparently expensive)

Tamaki “Because it’s delicious here. And I want to drink some delicious tea…”

Yuji “Delicious but EXPENSIVE!”

But it turns out that Tamaki treats everyone instead, to Yuji’s relief.

Yuji “What the heck, I hoped you’d mention it sooner…”

Talk about how delicious the food, and more cooking tips for Konomi.

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hehehe ang cute