To Heart 2: April 15

By bluemist on April 15th, 2004

Konomi with a yawn…

“You’re gonna have a school field trip right?”

She’s a bit jealous.

“I wanted to be at a field trip with Taka-kun…”

Seems we’re going to Hokkaido.

“Delicious ramen there.”

“Hmm… maybe I’ll ask my father. Father is working in Sapporo, so maybe he knows some good ramen restaurants.”

“Taka-chan, you came! I was waiting!”

Seems like were starting some activities.

Or, maybe not. It’s still not clear what are we gonna do exactly.

“Anyway, member Taka-kun and me, the president, explore mysteries…”

“That’s the Mystery Club.”

“There’s so many mysteries in the world…”

Still unclear.

“Pachi pachi pachi pachi!”

Karin starts to read some mystery story… and is slowly getting confused.

“Hehehe, this story makes you sleep.”

“Let’s try something easier…”

Talk about aliens…

“Aliens… Taka-chan!”

Talk about UFO…

“UFO… Taka-chan!”

“So, for our first operation… let’s find some aliens! Pachi pachi pachi pachi!”

“An opening!”

She starts eating ham and egg sandwich.

Karin offered me some.

“One for all, is the Mystery Club motto.”

“That’s why, Mystery Club’s sandwich is everybody’s sandwich.”

Starts talking about sandwicheds.

Well break is almost over.

“Let’s find UFOs together!”

“Well then, after school ok?”

(poor Karin, I’m going for the Konomi scenario, so after school…)

Meets Konomi.

There seems to be a black cat around.

“I tried to lure it with food…”

Meow… the cat appears.

“Why? When I’m not trying to lure it…”

“Maybe Taka-kun’s fingers smell like food…”

Well Karin gave me some sandwich a while back…

Meow… I pet the cat.

Konomi wants to pet the cat too.

Konomi comes closer, but the cat seems to be angry…

“Ehh? Why?”

“Maybe this cat is a girl…”

The cat starts attacking Konomi.



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Posted By: Justin Timberlake On: June 22, 2010 At: 12:58 am

heheh ang cute ni konomi