To Heart 2: April 20

By bluemist on April 20th, 2004

Konomi reacts on how Tamaki looks beautiful today.

We boys don’t understand.

Tamaki “Then, a question to Taka-bou. I went somewhere yesterday. Where did you think I went?”

I don’t get it. (Probably an onsen)

“It’ll be over soon ok?”

I agreed to wait for Konomi again.

“Sorry, I was thinking about my studies…”

She seems to be in a slump.

“Taka-kun, please help me.”



“Yatta! Arigatou!”


“As thanks, I’m gonna treat you to a totomiya no casterra… (that unknown food again)”

“It’s really delicious.”

(Konomi’s house)
“Wait for me ok?”

“Wait 10 minutes… um no… 30 minutes”

Why so long? And so I agreed to go home first.

Afterwards, I go back to Konomi’s house…

We sit at the table, she offers me the totomiya no casterra.

She forgot something, so she left me alone for a while.

Suddenly I remember the conversation with Yuji yesterday. (I guess this is it, Takaki will start to realize how close Konomi is to him.)

After eating the food…

I remember Yuji again.

Yuji “Well, believing on me or not depends on you. Just don’t regret later.”

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