To Heart 2: April 21

By bluemist on April 21st, 2004

We seem to be playing shiritori, a Japanese word game in which the players take turns continuing a pattern of saying a word which begins with the last syllable of the previous word.

“Wa… watarigani”

Apparently I always say words that end with wa, so she is always required to say a word which begins with wa.

“Wa? Wa… wahabi”

“Waraji… waitashi… wai -janakute” (having a hard time)

“You always end with wa… unfair…”

(After class)
Meet with Konomi.

I seem to still have some business to attend to, so Konomi leaves alone.

This business… seems to be about the exposure trip. (But something tells me that Takaki is slowly trying to avoid going home with Konomi)

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