To Heart 2: April 22

By bluemist on April 22nd, 2004

(Konomi’s house)
Konomi’s mother reacts on how early I am in picking Konomi up.

“Well she’s still asleep, I’ll wake her up.”

I told Konomi’s mom not to.

Konomi caught up.

She’s quite upset.

I seem to tickle her hair or something.

“It tickles…” (hmm… slowly showing physical affection?)

(After class)
Manaka announces that the class will have to discuss about the exposure trip, so after clubs we must go back to the classroom.

Mixed reactions from the class. Yuji says he has a part-time job to do.

I tell Konomi that I’m gonna be late again because of the exposure trip meeting.

“Okay, I’ll go home already…”

She seems upset…

On the way out of school… Konomi is there! Why?

She also seemed to do something in school, and it got late.

“It’s already dark, and it seems scary to go home alone…”

Okay, let’s go home together…

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