To Heart 2: April 24

By bluemist on April 24th, 2004

Now Konomi picked me up in my home.


Konomi’s mother also arrives.

Mom “Your father called up you know…”

Apparently Konomi’s mother will go with her husband for some business I’m not sure of.

Mom “This time it’s Okinawa.”

Konomi “Eeehhh? Iina…” (envious)

Her mom promised to buy some souvenirs or food.

Mom “Taka-kun, could you take care of Konomi for me just like always?”

Konomi’s mother is in a hurry to leave, so more last-minute reminders to Konomi, then she goes.

Konomi “Taka-kun? What’s wrong?”

“Could it be… it’s troubling you?”

(Unlike the last stay-over in Takaki’s house, Takaki is now showing apprehension.)

(After class)
I seem to be acting annoyed again. My eyes wander about whenever I’m with Konomi. (It’s really troubling to be in love)

Looks like Konomi’s gonna cook for me again.

Konomi asked me to sit for a while she cooks.

Here she is again in some cooking trouble.

“I’m alright over here.”

“How about it?”



“Ehee~~ I practiced by helping my mom on the cooking you know.”

She asked me to just watch TV while she cleans up the utensils.

This time, the bath.

“Taka-kun, the bath is ready. You go first.”


“How’s the water?”

Okay I guess.

“I see, thank goodness.”

“Okay, I’ll go take a bath.”

“HEH!” She screams inside the toilet.

I seem to tell her that I’ll go ahead and sleep now.

“Oh, okay, goodnight.” (avoiding her again)

After shutting my eye for a while… Konomi enters my room.

“Taka-kun? Already asleep?”
“Hey, Taka-kun?”

She shrugs me awake.

“I bought new pajamas… Tama-oneechan was the one who picked though, ehee~~ does it look good?”
“I guess, it doesn’t look good after all?”

Well she’s asking me, but I seem to be annoyed and want to sleep.

“Taka-kun, are you angry with me?”

“Did I do something to hurt you?”


“But, but Taka-kun, you act weird lately…”
“You don’t seem to talk to me often, and you ignore me.”
“Even today, your eyes wander around…”
“Even right now…”
“Taka-kun, do you hate me?”

It’s not like that.

“But… then why?”
“What can I do?”
“What can I do to bring back the usual you?”
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t know what to do.”

I seem to give a heartfelt explanation. (well, not yet the love part)

“Thank goodness, I was really troubled whether you hate me or not…”
“I haven’t changed ok?”
“I, will stay as me (Konomi), I will not change anything…”
“I haven’t gotten too tall, I’m still not as strong, I haven’t changed.”
“From now, I will stay as me. The me who’s always with Taka-kun…”

Okay, so she says she will sleep now.

But first…

“EEYA!!” Konomi shrugs me big time.

An embrace? Or maybe in same bed… (not sure…)

“Taka-kun, you’re warm…”

“Very warm…”