To Heart 2: April 27

By bluemist on April 27th, 2004


(After class)
After a long while, I see Tamaki again.

Yuji “Hot~~~~”
We have our polo unbuttoned a bit because of the hot weather.

Tamaki says to button it up for a decent look and just survive the heat.

Konomi suggests to eat ice cream.

Konomi “With this hot weather ice cream’s the best.”

Yuji “Ooh, Konomi said something nice!”

Tamaki “Right, my mouth seems to be dry too…”

Konomi “Decided?”

Konomi “Then, let’s hurry!”

Tamaki says that she will buy and the rest of us wait at the bench. Tamaki asks what ice cream to buy for us.

Tamaki suggests something that Yuji seems to like.

Yuji “How did you know I like that?”

Tamaki “Am I not your elder sister to not know that?”

Yuji seems to have a bad feeling about that, so he tries to pick another flavor instead.

Tamaki “Konomi, what do you like?”

Konomi “I’ll go with you, it will be hard to carry all of it. Anyway, I also have a point card” (for discounts perhaps)

Tamaki “Thanks, that helps, Yuji, decided?”

Yuji seems undecided, so he’ll join to buy too.

Before buying, Tamaki talks to me.

Tamaki “Taka-bou… you and Konomi…”

Chie “Huh? Isn’t that sempai and the others?”

Chie and Michiru are back.

Chie “Anyway, is Konomi not with you?”

She is, she’s just inside buying.

Chie “Hey, are you already very close to Konomi?”

It’s not like that.

Chie “That again, you have been sharing a bed lately, saying that again is not very encouraging.”

She is talking about the sleepover events.

This may have been some conversation to force me to say how I feel about Konomi. Thinking that Konomi is still inside, I think I answer them along the lines of. “She is no more than a childhood friend to me, or just like a sister.” It is just a half-hearted reaction because I am talking to her friends, and I’m still trying to hide my true feelings towards Konomi.

“She is no more than just a sister to me!”

Unknown to me… Konomi overhears everything.

Konomi “Um… er… I bought it… here…. Taka-kun”

She’s feeling really nervous now.

She may have dropped my ice cream while giving it to me.

“Sorry Taka-kun…”

“If you want, you can take mine…”

“It’s okay, just eat it Taka-kun…”

“Ah! Charu, Yochie, you came!”

Chie “Eh… hi! Been a while…”

They are also nervous too.

Konomi is slowly breaking down.

Michiru “Konomi…”

Konomi “Um… sorry… I’ll go home ahead!”

I try to follow her, but Tamaki stops me.

Tamaki “What will you do when you follow her?”

“Because you said something like that, Konomi is hurt.”

I tell her that I’m afraid to break our current relationship as childhood friends.

“Are you that afraid?”

“Are you afraid to break what you are to each other right now?”

“But the truth is you already know, that girl, what you are to her.”

How would you know Konomi’s feelings?

“How many years do you think I’ve already treated Konomi like a sister?”

“Surely, Konomi is the same.”

“Even if she realizes her true feelings, she is scared to break the current relationship… and hides it.”


Konomi “I was really troubled whether you hate me or not…”
“I haven’t changed ok?”
“I, will stay as me (Konomi), I will not change anything…”

Tamaki “That’s why, Taka-bou, for her sake, answer her feelings.”

“This is my order… no… my request.”

“I will still be her sister. Whenever my sister is troubled, I will never let it past.”

“Let me hear properly. To you, who is Konomi?”

“Just a childhood friend?”


“Don’t think too much. It is after all obvious that you really care for Konomi.”

“The important thing is, Konomi, as a girl, will have all her questions answered.”


I see her as a girl.

I see her as just a childhood friend.

(So then, which will Takaki choose? This final choice now leads to different endings, and so click on one of them to see the result of each choice.)