To Heart 2: April 7

By bluemist on April 7th, 2004

The gang wakes me up to help in spring cleaning.

I receive a call from my mother too.

I was told to follow Tama-chan’s orders… boo.

Well, we clean the grounds along with kids.

They seem to be in good mood.

I remember some memories from spring break.

(March 27)
Yuji seems to say something about Rino Ogata again.

(March 28)
Playing baseball perhaps.

(March 29)
A day with the dog.

(March 30)
Preparing for the sakura viewing picnic.

Konomi “It’s beautiful”

Tamaki “Seeing this, how many years I’ve missed this?”

Tamaki “The last time I did… I see, that time…” (what’s that time?)

Konomi “It’s like it’s saying okaerinasai (welcome home) to Tama-oneechan”

Tamaki “Maybe.”

Konomi “Yup, surely.”

Tamaki “I see”

Yuji “Yea right, as if.”

Tamaki hits Yuji.

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Posted By: kasama ko ang ikatlong palapag On: October 04, 2009 At: 10:45 pm

last ep na yan e! tama