To Heart 2: April 8

By bluemist on April 8th, 2004

Konomi arrives in the doorstep, hiding…

“Don’t laugh okay?”

“Promise you won’t laugh okay?”

Here we go, Konomi is now a student in my school!

“Does it look weird somewhere?”

I say it looks good.

“Mother was laughing, dunno why…”

And so we walk together… start of classes again.

Konomi’s singing with happiness.


More superstitious stuff to give me.

“Lucky color is murasaki (purple). Lucky item is kagami (mirror)”

Tamaki “You’re late, Taka-bou”

O my gawd, Tamaki is a transfer student!

Yuji is with her.

“Hmm… you don’t like being with me?”

It’s not like that…

“So, are you happy being with me?”

It’s not like that either…

Konomi embraces her Tama-oneechan.

Konomi “Yatta! I’m together with Tama-oneechan!”

So the four of us go together.

Looking at classroom assignments. Looks like Yuji and I are in the same class again.

Konomi “That nice, I wanted to be in the same class too…”

Yuji still thought of Tamaki’s transfer as a joke.

(After class)
Yuji thinks of going to the arcades or karaoke…

He asks some girls (probably the freshmen) to join us… obviously… no one agreed.

Oof… Yuji suddenly wanted to run.

Well it’s because of Tamaki obviously.

Tamaki suggests to wait for Konomi, but Yuji says that it may take a while because of freshmen orientations.

Well we wait.

Konomi says she will not join any clubs so that she can go home with us.

So where will we go next?

Tamaki “Game center? Karaoke?”

Tamaki “Game center… no way, dirty places.”

As for karaoke…

Tamaki “Karaoke is… it doesn’t seem to fit me…”

Well Yuji still wants to go.

Tamaki just offered Konomi to go to their house to eat… what the heck is a “totomiya no casterra?”

Konomi seems so happy, and…

(Maybe she wants to be with Takaki too, so she’s kinda confused on who to go with…)

Got dizzy…