To Heart 2: April 9

By bluemist on April 9th, 2004

Konomi arrives, Tamaki seems to still be in her class.

I seem to tell her to leave without Tamaki. Good decision.

Konomi spotted Tamaki walking.

Konomi “Tama-oneechaaa…”

I cover Konomi’s mouth. But no help, Tamaki walks up to us.

Tamaki “So you’re here… I’ve been looking for you”

Ouch, Tamaki pinches me. She isn’t happy with me trying to avoid.

Tamaki “As punishment, buy me some tea.”

Konomi’s middle school friends arrive!

Konomi “Charu! Yochi! It’s been a while!”

(I see… just a different school… and Konomi was crying about how much she’ll miss Michiru and Chie, well, girls. Take note this is the same uniform/school of Ayaka Kurusugawa in To Heart.)

Konomi’s friends notice Tamaki’s… big… you know…

Well the girls make their introductions.

Chie calls me out away from Konomi and Tamaki…

“Who is that?”

Chie still surprised about Konomi having a childhood friend like that, and with her big… you know…

Chie “Which do you like, big? Or small?”

What the heck kind of question is that? (well, you know…)

Chie “Just answer!”

Choice: Small.

Chie “I see, so it’s A isn’t it?” (cup size, you know…)

Chie “I see, I feel relieved”

(Remember the friends are trying to pair Konomi and Takaki, but both are very clueless on these kind of stuff)

Tamaki suddenly put our conversation to a halt.

Michiru “Konomi, do your best.”

Konomi “I don’t understand, but, I will.”