To Heart 2: Lucy Maria Misora

By bluemist on September 18th, 2005

Generic disclaimer: Same basic rules apply as in my To Heart 2 project. Please do comment or contact me in case I have mistakes in describing each girl’s scenario.

This wasn’t as confusing as I thought it would be. Although as usual details may be erratic, the general theme of this story is similar to those of typical alien-goes-to-earth anime or related stuff. A difference though… Lucy is the best of them all!

Yes, Lucy is an alien. One day, Takaki just found her on the ground, as if she fell from the sky. She started talking garbage, seemingly a mix of erratic robot or alien talk. I really thought she was a robot at first. Her seemingly automated voice makes her sarcastic-sounding, and I tell you, she is sarcasm all the way.

When she met Takaki, she was hungry, and so Takaki rushed somewhere to buy her food. She acknowledged. One day, Takaki seems to be in trouble (drowning?), and then she appeared and saved him.

Ruuko Kirei na Sora
First, let’s call her Ruuko. Ruuko Kirei na Sora is her actual name. She came from… somewhere. And she has this very unique way of talking. She has a signature phrase: “ruu~”. Similar to Misuzu’s “gao” or Chii’s “chii”, she always reacts with a ruu~. She also calls herself “ruu~” when addressing herself. Also, she calls people as “ou~”, meaning ‘you’.

Ruuko introduced herself to Takaki, seemingly right off the bat, that she is an alien. She wants to go home, but she cannot. She calls herself a castaway. Takaki acknowledges but doesn’t care much about her at first, and leaves the playground. But Takaki’s kindness paved the way afterwards, as he seems to help her in surviving the world. One major thing that he taught Ruuko was how to cook. Seemingly, fish is the preferred dish. Also, a stray cat was around the playground, and Ruuko seemed to like it, so she feeds the cat sometimes.

Ruuko tried to communicate with her parents, but it seems that for some reason she just has to stay in earth for a while, and so she decided to be together with Takaki more and more. She called Takaki a ‘sample’. Whoa, it’s not like the usual aliens experimenting with humans. Rather, it’s an alien trying to learn about human life. At school, Takaki tried make Yuji believe that he met an alien, but Yuji doesn’t believe it. Suddenly, Ruuko is at the school grounds, seemingly stirring up some trouble by making the field a communications device (drawing crop circles… maybe?). A teacher approached, but then Takaki defended Ruuko, saying that she is a foreigner friend. Later, Ruuko decided to also attend school. She sits by Takaki’s side… at the same chair. You can say that in other eyes they seem pretty close, but not quite. After school, Ruuko goes back into her new home… the playground. Besides school and Takaki’s regular visits, she’s still pretty much alone.

Other Characters
Rumors go fast about this weird foreigner girl. She is so mysterious. When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Karin-chan! Yes, Karin Sasamori is a prominent figure in this scenario! She tries to enlist Takaki’s help in discovering who Ruuko really is. Also, Yuji, Konomi, and even Tamaki got to know this girl! Konomi thought that Ruuko is from Ruumania (Romania) because of her “ruu~”. Also, Sango Himeyuri makes appearances too, and she rides on with Ruuko’s “ruu~” as if they understand each other!

“Be thankful I’m here”
Ruuko seems to be surviving. Because she’s kinda cute, local food sellers always give her freebies when shopping. She seems to land a temporary job too, as a maid. Even one day, she notices that Takaki is actually just alone in his house. She kinda understands and feels the same way, having separated from parents and all. Ruuko offers, sarcastically, to sleep over.

I meant sarcasm in a way that Ruuko seems to talk in a rather boastful way, that “Ruuko is needed”. Whenever Takaki does something stupid and Ruuko saves him, Takaki should be thankful (be thankful I’m here). Whenever Ruuko does something wonderful, Takaki should praise her (praise me). She also seems direct, for example, she criticizes some of the shops, saying that the food there is good or bad. Such a prankster as well. She agrees to help Konomi and the gang to set Takaki up to an April Fools stint! Ruuko acts as the alien who abducted Konomi, Tamaki, and Yuji. This event (and also a cherry blossom viewing event at night) made Ruuko and Takaki all the more closer to each other.

Anyone forgetting she is an alien? Anyway, Ruuko had said that she still has powers left, and she is using it to communicate outside earth. Ruuko warns that she may have to go soon, but then a side event completely changed her fate. One afternoon this little cute girl wanders through school. Her name is Nanako, and she is trying to find a magician. She told her story, and this affected Ruuko very much. You see, Nanako had a fight with her friend Yuuko over not being able to play together during winter break. Actually, the reason is that Yuuko’s mother is sick, and Nanako didn’t know that. But then Nanako became angry at Yuuko prior to knowing about her mother, and so now she failed to garner the courage to say sorry and make amends with Yuuko. She wants to find Ruuko the magician, but Ruuko is no magician. Ruuko answers that it’s Nanako’s fault, and it made her cry and run away. Takaki became angry with Ruuko. The next morning though, we find out that Ruuko’s opinion is not just that. She actually tries to help Nanako in her problem. Nanako wants to find a four-clover leaf as sort of inspirational item, and so Takaki and Ruuko tries to help her find one. After a whole day of trying, they fail to find one. Ruuko offers to sacrifice her chance of going home, by using her powers for Nanako. Takaki doesn’t want that to happen. By chance, Tamaki was there, and by relaying the story, Tamaki actually remembered that she found a four-leaf clover from way back. They rushed into the Kousaka house, and indeed they found one. They have to hurry up though, because it seems that Yuuko’s family is moving away that day! Takaki, Nanako and Ruuko tried to run, but faced further problems when it rained. In the end, Ruuko did use her powers after all (teleport? or maybe stop the rain?) for Nanako. At the very least, Nanako is sure to be happy now. But now, Ruuko is really a castaway. She has no chance to go home anymore.

At this point, Takaki cared for Ruuko more than ever. Takaki offers Ruuko a place to stay at his home. As thanks, Ruuko seems to do the maid work, waking Takaki up, making him food, and preparing the bath. Moreover, Takaki asks both Sango and Karin to help him research and find a UFO. Sango does research through the internet, while Karin and Takaki meet every night to try to communicate with so-called space people. All this work in the hopes of Ruuko finding her way back home. As a result, Takaki goes home late, and wakes up late. Ruuko notices that. This cycle happened for almost a whole week, until one day Takaki gets a bit sick. Actually, he fainted. When he woke up, he was at home with Ruuko. Ruuko discovered all about his actions, and had mixed feelings. She said that Takaki didn’t have to push himself too much for her sake. She finally confessed her feelings, and said that what’s more important is that Takaki is alive and well. She needs him. They agreed though that this will be their last try. That night, both Takaki and Ruuko went to the school, but then Konomi, Tamaki, and Yuji was there as well. They don’t know what’s happening but they sure want to help. They already know somehow that Ruuko is really an alien (kinda funny when Konomi still snuck in the Ruumania thing).

“Whether I can go home or not, I still love you”
That night, there was a meteor shower. It did pave the way for communication. Someone is gonna pick Ruuko up on April 25, two days away. Possibly the last time they may be together, Ruuko and Takaki spent the next day at an amusement park. They also visited the stray cat. April 25 came, and there was a farewell party being held at Takaki’s house. Konomi, Tamaki, Yuji, Karin, and the Himeyuri twins were also there to party and say their goodbyes to Ruuko. Karin also took a memorabilia picture. Afterwards, Takaki and Ruuko spent one last night together sleeping (not that). Until it’s time. They say their goodbyes, kiss, and finally Ruuko disappears within the blinding light.

As expected, Ruuko is back! Preparing the breakfast, Ruuko explains that she and her family seems to have moved to Earth. Nationality being American, and her name Ruuko Kirei na Sora changed to Lucy Maria Misora, she assures Takaki that she is the same Ruuko that he knew.

In my opinion, farewell stories like this are better off left with real farewells instead of just making a comeback at the very end. All the momentum would be lost right? It wouldn’t be a good ending though, but at least it would complement all the drama. In any case, Lucy’s scenario is a very wonderful ride. Particularly surprising is the interaction between many characters this time. I did complain about how some To Heart 2 characters don’t even know each other, but Lucy pulled in not only Konomi and Tamaki, Karin and the Himeyuri twins were also part of the story! All in all, I enjoyed Lucy’s story very much. Enjoy it too, “ou~”.

This is a Summer of Bishoujo feature


Posted By: moyism On: September 19, 2005 At: 1:47 am

shoot, reading over your review of Lucy’s scenario seems like I might have missed out on the April’s Fool and Cherry Blossom Viewing scenes.

… son of a…

Posted By: solgae On: October 10, 2005 At: 9:50 am

I would have liked Lucy scenario 100% if the story ended without the epilogue.

As you should know, you need to clear at least one heroine to be able to go thru her route by the way. I’ll have to recommend playing thru Karin first though, since Karin acts like she knows Takaki and such (even though obviously Takaki doesn’t know her yet =p)

On the part: “One major thing that he taught Ruuko was how to cook.” What happened was that she tells Takaki that she will make dinner and started messing around with the microwave, thinking it’s some sort of replicator (she tried to get a fish out of the microwave XD) Well after Takaki stopped Lucy trying to microwave an egg, he had no choice but to order out.

And “Lu” means pretty much everything. That’s right, everything. From where she came from, how to thank, how to talk and more. “Wu” is how she refers earth people here, worser than “Lu”.

And at the scenario with Nanako, why Lucy got stranded was that she is only allowed to use her power three times. I couldn’t figure out what was her first one, but the second one was when she used to save Takaki when he falls into the river cause she knocked his bag out of the way and he tried to grab for it. The last one was when she “teleported” Takaki to show the moon. Then she had to break the rule and use it again to help Nanako meet with her friend by making it rain and delay the train. (Provided that you actually selected good choices….the choices are set in stone on her route and isn’t flexible unlike some others)

OK I liked her and her story, but the best character for me is Manaka so I had to say she’s shadowed by Manaka XD

Posted By: CodeCrush On: December 16, 2005 At: 1:48 pm

I am okay with the epilogue, since it would be quite depressing with the normal ending (although that in itself is good as well XD). Lucy’s story was the most understandable one out of all the heroines that I have played. This is probably due to the abundance of chinese letters/kanji that I can actually read 🙂 The only hazy part was the epilogue, which now I get reading your synopsis 😛

Posted By: Taka On: January 09, 2006 At: 10:48 am

Ya… To Heart has to end happy. ^^; So the epilogue was necessary. It’s like Multi’s ending in original To Heart.

Oh, and btw, Ru-ko wasn’t exactly getting freebies at the market. Ru-ko gives match sticks to people claiming it’s currency. From where Ru-ko came from, match sticks are apparently worth the same as rocket engines. So, Ru-ko has been giving people at the market place match sticks, and the kind people at the market place just thought she was a confused foreigner and gave her stuff. Takaki sees this and teaches Ru-ko about Japanese (earth) currency, and at first Ru-ko complains: “How can this piece of paper be worth more than a match stick? Matches give light, and therefore are useful.” And it turns out Ru-ko burned all the emergency earth currency she was carrying at first.

Anyway, Takaki convinces Ru-ko to use paper money, but she doesn’t want to rely on Takaki too much, and so she goes out to find work, and the result of that is her tea demonstration (which she was doing without the permission of the shop owner).

And also, this isn’t really a mistake or anything, but one of the things she says to Takaki when she first wakes up and her translator is broken is “Kennst du Deutsch sprechen?” (Can you speak German? in German… xD; )

Posted By: OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol On: January 17, 2006 At: 7:30 am

About the money thing… Ruuko *had* money: she was handled an “emergency package” when she departed for Earth and that emergency package had money. However, since Ruuko doesn’t understand the value of money, she used all of her bills… to start a fire! It was why she understood it was an “emergency” package.
I personally think the ending is to tie reality to dream, so to speak. When Karin started to investigate about Ruuko (because she was weird), she asked Takaaki to help her; Takaaki was afraid she’d find out Ruuko was an alien (and started doing weird things) so he lied and told her she was just a weird person, living in the USA, whose father was, etc.
In the epilogue, Ruuko *is* exactly what Takaaki told she was (coming from the USA, father with profession he told, etc.) with no memory of what she lived *as an alien*.
Ruu’s rules are that each Ruu-people can use their powers up to three times; if they do more, they’re punished. Ruuko was supposed to go back to Ruu to be *punished* for her crimes and told Takaaki her punishment would make that she won’t ever be herself.
Why do I say the punishment links dream to reality?

Let’s consider what happened to Takaaki and Ruuko. From an external POV, she *was* just a weird gaijin since her powers ever manifested as normal matters (the rain making the train being delayed) or dream-like (Takaaki waking up in the tree to watch the moon). In the epilogue, Ruuko (Lucy in truth) doesn’t recall those ‘alien’ events… save for the nickname ‘Ruuko’ which was the one Takaaki used to call her when they were kids (and childhood friends).
And Takaaki himself wasn’t so sure everything really happened… or rather he was sure it doesn’t really matter, as he and Lucy are now betrothed and will stay forever.

In the end, it’s really what those events were: childhood memories who brought them together.

Posted By: Taka On: January 31, 2006 At: 2:02 am

I listened to it again~ oops, it’s not “Kennst du…” it was “Kennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?” She was using the polite form, ya. ^^;

Posted By: HoL On: February 13, 2006 At: 2:34 am

Umm any clue how long it take from Ru-ko departure and return? I’m not sure if it mention that Takaaki is an university student or working-man?

Posted By: DayofGlory On: April 07, 2006 At: 9:47 am

Do you think you can send me Ruuko pictures in a larger size? That would make me very happy, yezza.

Posted By: kim On: January 28, 2007 At: 2:25 pm

whered u get so many pics?

Posted By: Akabane_Kun On: February 09, 2007 At: 1:01 pm

Lucy wons sow mutch its almost something from the otherworldXD

Posted By: cobray gordon On: February 22, 2007 At: 7:47 pm

hey man i love your pics of Lucy! damn she’s gotta be the hottest alien around! thanks for showin me these pics! im gonna be looking for the DVD of to heart soon! and i hope its a great anime!

Posted By: quarter024 On: March 30, 2007 At: 11:44 pm

Hello.. Nice pics there, where do you find those pics? They are so awesome, but it is small.. Can you post pics with high res and size. I’m in same country as you..

Posted By: Silke On: April 05, 2007 At: 5:55 pm

A clarification with the last part of Nanako. Ruu used her power to cause the rain, which delayed the train from leaving for one hour, hance giving them time to catch Nanko’s friend’s family at the station.

Posted By: Silke On: April 06, 2007 At: 12:30 pm

Oh, and for the 3 times she used her power, first time was when she threw a baseball into the sky and the ball orbit the earth few days (lol). Few days later when Ruu tossed the cat into the river, the baseball came back to earth and fell into the same river at such high speed that waves pushed the cat off to the shore. This happen when Taka asks her to prove her power.

Posted By: crizs On: August 02, 2007 At: 8:23 pm

so so so good!
very nice yeah….

ruuko is very special n0h?

Posted By: James Mathew Anderson On: August 05, 2009 At: 2:13 pm

What manga is this? I can’t seem to find it on, can some one post a link? =D

Posted By: James Mathew Anderson On: August 05, 2009 At: 4:13 pm

Also, under the heading “Be thankful I’m here”, in the lower right, I searched on google for a freaking hour and a half to find a larger version of that. Nothing. Does anyone know where I can get a bigger one that isn’t crap quality?

Posted By: Modus Operandi On: September 27, 2009 At: 10:46 pm

nice talaga ng anime pic ok ang astig

Posted By: James Mathew Anderson On: February 15, 2010 At: 11:08 am

Anyone? It’s 2010 now and I’m still looking for an answer. Like I said, I dug through all of google images with this girl until I started hitting porn.

Posted By: Skateboard Element logo On: May 21, 2010 At: 12:06 am

wow ang galing naman ang cute hehehehe

Posted By: maryjoy On: September 15, 2011 At: 12:04 pm

Posted By: Gonzalo On: May 13, 2013 At: 12:06 pm

I had I little hard time. I don’t know any japanese and I was trying to pass it just trying options. If you answer wrong to Karin Sasamori it locks you, but not immediately so you won’t notice… I felt scammed ¬¬ hehehe