To Heart 2: Manaka Komaki

By bluemist on September 4th, 2005

Generic disclaimer: Same basic rules apply as in my To Heart 2 project. Please do comment or contact me in case I have mistakes in describing each girl’s scenario.


All throughout this scenario, all I am feeling is futility. This is the the hardest scenario I have played so far, in terms of not understanding what the heck is going on. I fear for the future, if ever I still have the guts to play the scenarios of other To Heart 2 girls. Because of this, please expect that the things I will say about Manaka “will have errors”. Having said that, why am I still relaying potentially erratic information through this blog? Sorry, but I love To Heart 2, and I think you will, too. I really hope that those guys doing the To Heart 2 translation would do it for real, and completely. I don’t care how much time it takes, as long as there is hope that I can correct all these information. Oh well, let’s go back to our regular programming.

What am I able to say about Manaka, having not understood her story too much? Well, for one, she’s obviously cute. She’s in the same class as Takaki, and serves as a temporary “Iincho” (class rep). The real Iincho seems to be physically unable to go to school, and so she’s gonna be Iincho for the rest of the school year. Could she make the cut? Maybe not. As opposed to To Heart’s Tomoko Hoshina, an ever-reliable Iincho, Manaka is a slump. Sometimes she can’t make the class listen to her, other times she has too much to do that she’s getting quite confused!

The Library
If you would be playing other To Heart 2 scenarios, you won’t see much of Manaka to know why she seems so busy all the time. Actually, she works in the library as well (volunteer? paid student assistant?). Deep inside the library there seems to be some kind of office space, a bit hidden from view, where Manaka works. Throughout Manaka’s scenario, we see Takaki and Manaka engage in random library activities. They seem to have a tea party everytime (where’s the no eating in library policy?), Manaka offering different kinds of tea or food. Quite an enthusiast. For some reason, she also wears this weird clothing… why?

Remember that Yuma is Manaka’s friend? In this scenario, we see the same Yuma, quite antagonistic towards Takaki. I tend to think that initially she doesn’t approve of Takaki getting close to Manaka.

Sometimes, they go the the roof to eat lunch as well.

More Library
Lots more random library stuff happen, like Manaka dropping books and Takaki helps. Takaki also helped her in higher book shelves, carrying her up. One time she wounds her foot, then Takaki mends it. One funny scene is Manaka trying to do tongue twisters (basu-gasu-baku-haku). With so many stuff like this everyday, they are definitely developing some kind of affection. One time, their hands touch while holding a teacup, and both became embarrassed. Manaka is often seen sleeping on the job, and Takaki always teases her a bit. Takaki also does her hair a couple of times. There are also these events outside school, like the trash collections, a date in Marvel Burger (also seen in To Heart), and another date at night. Well well well, seems like things are going well for them right?

Problems and Secrets
This is where their cookie is supposed to crumble, but instead mine did. From this point on, the main plot ensues, which I don’t understand too much. There’s a certain man who seems to be the main library guy, and he seems to have a problem with Manaka, or with Takaki. The library guy seemed to warn him that Manaka may not be doing much library work because Takaki is always there with her. At some point, Takaki is not allowed to see Manaka too much. This may be related to her dozing off all the time. She always seems tired and sleepy. Manaka is apparently hiding a LOT of stuff from Takaki. There were numerous instances of Manaka saying deep apologies to Takaki. Once, it was because of her not talking about her birthday. Another one is because of the incident with the library guy. Possibly, another one may be because of her hiding a lot of other secrets, including one in which Manaka actually has a bed-ridden sister.

No wonder she is always tired and confused. Aside from class rep stuff, library stuff, and being with Takaki, Manaka visits her sister, Ikuno Komaki, at the hospital everyday. Ikuno had a bike accident, and seems blind as well. Takaki started to take visits also, but Ikuno is not quite impressed with him. She starts talking about herself and her sister. Ikuno seems to think of herself as a useless being, and that she doesn’t want her sister Manaka to be bogged down because of her too much. Manaka seems to have some problem that I’m not sure of. Maybe it’s the issue that she does too much, to the point that she starts to think negatively, saying that “I’m not good enough”, as a sister or as a class rep.

Takaki will eventually realize this, as Manaka starts opening up to him. Indeed, she is saying throughout the story that she is not a competent or reliable person. She always hides secrets, and often lies. She cries a number of times, actually, a LOT of times. There is also an issue about some kind of book that was important to her, but having not acquired it, she starts to cry again.

Afterwards, Ikuno will have a major eye operation. She asks Manaka for one favor… she wants to see sakura (cherry blossoms). Its almost the season for it to bloom anyway, but having the surgery, Manaka doesn’t want to disappont her sister yet again, and so with Takaki’s help, they try to find even just one cherry blossom. After hours of searching, they can’t find it, and she starts crying her heart out. But then, as if a miracle, cherry blossoms started to fall. Back in the hospital, the operation was over, and Ikuno started to see clearly again. The first thing she saw were the cherry blossoms by the window. Ikuno exclaims, “She’s quite a crybaby, but maybe she’s the best sister in the world”.

The epilogue comes, with Ikuno on wheelchair, Manaka and Takaki go to school together. The end.

I’ll be rather excited to see Manaka’s part of the story (when the anime comes) to understand it completely. The scenario really has a lot of dramatic moments, which I didn’t even see coming considering the nature of Manaka’s early attitude. As the story goes, knowing more and more about Manaka (actually not too much, considering the language barrier), I can say that she’s quite a character. A bit selfless, definitely a crybaby, and always thinking about others first. Quite a perfect match for Takaki, who is too kind as well. Ok, that’s about it I guess.

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Posted By: Tsubasa On: September 04, 2005 At: 9:31 am

If you feel like you didn’t understand this scenario, you’ll cry on Lucy.

But anyway, yay, you’ve played through my favorite girl’s scenario. XD Honestly, you’ve made out just about as much as I have and maybe a little bit more here and there.

What I think I like best about Manaka’s scenario is that the confession-type part comes relatively early on, like, maybe half-way through her scenario. I think the main reason why she grew on me so much is cause she is so clumsy at love. It’s really cute. ^^

As for that wierd cosplay you mentioned, I was under the impression that she got it from Takaki or something. My memory might be foggy, but didn’t she only begin wearing it after the birthday event?

Posted By: bluemist On: September 04, 2005 At: 10:41 am

Hmm… so that was the birthday gift? I guess I had it overlooked, thanks.

Oof hehe, thanks for warning me about Lucy… maybe I’ll try the other girls first…

Posted By: Pikawil On: September 24, 2005 At: 8:06 am

Now that I see it, Yuma would be way more awesome if she was voiced by James Earl Jones and screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”.

Posted By: solgae On: October 10, 2005 At: 10:05 am

Manaka’s scenario is the most heart-touching scenario. She really works hard for her sister, and yet that is the cause for her really low self-esteem.

BTW Ikuno was born weak. No accidents or anything. And Manaka actually isn’t a real library worker. She just started working on the library one day because her sister was interested about the place. And that’s why she was having problems with the main librarian guy because she is unauthorized to work in the library, and the guy is thinking what she’s doing is pointless. But she does it anyway…..for her sister.

This is a really wonderful scenario. It’s too bad you couldn’t understnad well though.

Posted By: solgae On: October 10, 2005 At: 1:39 pm

BTW, about that cherry blossom magically falling on the last part of the story, what happened was that Takaki went around the school and gathered all the girls whom Manaka helped out. Then the girls all gathered around and cut off their red ribbon on their uniforms, making it look like cherry blossom falling. Sort of like a repayment for all the things Manaka had done for them. Quite touching =D

Posted By: LoVeLy On: June 01, 2006 At: 11:08 am

I haven’t read it but by reading these I thought Takaki loves Karin, Which one does he love?

Posted By: Prometheus Rising On: July 28, 2007 At: 3:42 pm

I don’t consider myself a really huge Manaka fan (even after finally finishing her scenario) but I loved this.


Truly, an image to win all manner of internets.

I love memes.

Posted By: kasama ko ang ikatlong palapag On: October 04, 2009 At: 10:47 pm

wala pala palag si takaki

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Posted By: Gonzalo On: May 17, 2013 At: 10:47 pm

In this scenario you need to move forward close enough to Yuma. If you do, she will tell you a day in advance Manaka’s birthday, so you will be able to get a present. It was a pain redoing from the beginning but It’s how it is.