To Heart 2: March 1

By bluemist on March 1st, 2004

I guess I wake up as Taka-kun…

Ii almost the same way as Hiroyuki X Akari, Konomi-chan rings the door to wake me up. Konomi said it was my aunt’s orders to wake me up everyday I guess…

Make me breakfast? I wonder if Konomi knows how to cook.

Problems in the kitchen, there seems to be no ingredients.

I wait…

hum hum hum ~

Konomi already ate breakfast, but she wants to eat again with me.

And so we eat. I say it’s delicious.

Konomi gets sleepy, and we sleep for a while…

After time… we’re already LATE! We run to school.

“Taka-kun… hurry hurry!”

I guess I’m as lazy as Hiroyuki in this thing.

“It’s alright, I know you Taka-kun.”

We ran quite a length, so it’s okay to walk…

Konomi wonders about food again… obentou? Maybe food to eat later in lunch or evening.

A boy appears…

Yuu-kun/Yuji is the name I presume. My best friend I guess.

Talking about Yuji’s maid? Maybe a robot maid?

Maid = Boy’s romance?

“Delicious” Konomi said.

Yuu-kun hits Konomi.

Konomi-chan’s two friends arrive: Charu? Yochi? Weird nicknames.

Chie is that green-haired girl, Michiru the yellow meganekko. I hope it’s not the other way around.

I guess we have to leave now.

Okay, so Konomi is actually in a different school. Take note the different uniforms. See later that my school is actually the same school in To Heart 1, so you’ll see the classic uniforms.


Well we boys seem to be talking about girls… without girl life is like half-life.

(At school)
“Life is not just about studies… it’s about how to get girls.”

I’m starting to think that this Yuji is either a pervert or a ladies-man. Seems to be a bishounen, but I dunno if he’s really popular with the girls… not that I care too much about that.

Useless chat with Yuu-kun again.

(Homeroom class)
Some classmate representative trying to gather the class… maybe announcements.

Manaka Komaki. An incompetent class vice-rep I guess.

“Sit down!”

“Please listeeeen~~~”

Some announcements which the students don’t like.

“Not my fault!”

About to cry.

Comedy stuff… Manaka seems to have a LOT on her hands…

“Arrgh~~ I’m not the Iincho!!!” (Iincho = Class Rep)

“Good Morning”

The REAL Iincho appears, a boy.

“Please help me~~”

“Sorry… I have to leave it to you though…”

New Iincho is now Manaka…

“So na!!” (No way!)

After a while, class ends, so I exit to the gate. I find Konomi-chan.

“Let’s go home together”

I think we still have to do some shopping for food ingredients though.

“Think about nutrition balance”

Konomi talking about food products on TV I think.

Konomi-chan seems to want to cook food for me.

“My mother’s sukiyaki is delicious!”

But I guess she’ll miss her sukiyaki, she’s coming over our house for dinner (or maybe sleep over?)


She will contact her parents.

Konomi appears, carrying some food maybe from her mother.

Apparently her mother doesn’t want Konomi to stay over for dinner (or maybe sleep over?) Heh, strict mother…

So she went home anyway.

Well that’s it for this day I guess.

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Posted By: LAla On: August 04, 2007 At: 1:30 pm

Actually… Konomi’s family eats ALOT, so he tried very hard to avoid going over to eat (apperantly, the last time he went over, they stuffed him with so much food that two buttons popped)

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