To Heart 2: March 11

By bluemist on March 11th, 2004

(Konomi’s house)
Konomi woke up late again.

“Umm… the time…”

“Wait Wait!”

She apparently has cleaning duties for the day, but she reached me on time.

“Nice timing”

Hmm… she seems to reflect on how school coming to an end.

She’s kinda exhausted studying…

She telling me various stories, well… school memories I guess.

She’s graduating, so she may be late tomorrow.

“That’s why we may not go home together tomorrow.”

“Do you have something to do tomorrow?”

“I was thinking, it’s the last time anyway, if we can go home together tomorrow…”

Choice: It’s okay.


“YAY!” (so cute~)

“Uhh… my eyes…”